10 Outdoor Cameras for Business Surveillance with NVR 16 Channel – 4TB
10 Outdoor Cameras for Business Surveillance with NVR 16 Channel – 4TB
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10 Outdoor Cameras for Business Surveillance with NVR 16 Channel – 4TB


Protect your property with the Camius Business Surveillance System. This package includes a 16 channel high-bitrate NVR (network video recorder) with a 4TB hard drive, 2 4K spotlight cameras with built-in siren and 2-way audio, and 8 2K dome and bullet outdoor cameras. Enjoy 4K video quality, audio listen-in and recording, smart features, and remote access with Camius using any desktop, web browser, or smartphone app. Expand the local storage to 42TB to record for months!

What’s in the box:

  • 16 Channel NVR 4TB HDD (IPVAULT2256PR 4TB HDD)
  • 2 x 4K PoE cameras with floodlight, siren, and 2-way audio (SPOT828A-R)
  • 4 x 2K PoE bullet camera with 1-way audio (BOLTX536R)
  • 4 x 2K PoE dome camera with 1-way audio (IRIS528R)
  • NVR power cord, USB mouse, HDMI cord, Network cord, Quick Installation Guide

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Advanced security camera system for business

Camius offers the latest IP camera system for business which includes their best 16 channel NVR network video recorder bundled with 2 4K outdoor cameras with a deterrent feature and 8 2K outdoor and indoor cameras. These cameras have wide-angle lenses, audio recording, color-based night vision, intelligent intrusion detection with AI and perimeter guidelines, and weatherproof metal enclosures. Camius helps you monitor your premises with no blind spots and high-quality images.

Plug-N-Play PoE camera setup

The 16 Channel NVR has a 16-port built-in power-over-ethernet interface, making the surveillance camera installation easy and fast. Camius PoE NVR network video recorder is optimized for Camius PoE IP cameras.

Camius 16 channel NVR PoE camera connection diagramm

Plug & Play IP Camera NVR Connection made installation even more straightforward. The IP camera is instantly added once the Ethernet cable is plugged in; recording starts immediately without going through settings. This also makes adding a new camera to your NVR security system a breeze.

2256PR SPOT BOLT premium A 1464 x 600

IP Security Camera System for Business with high bandwidth and the latest encoding standards

Camius NVR business surveillance systems offer an advanced interface to all users.

VID 20220825 10.19.41 e1672437339244

The NVR’s 256 Mbps bitrate allows live view and playback videos at Ultra HD resolution. All Camius security systems support H.264 and the latest H.265, H.265+ compression. It saves up to 50 percent on the recorder’s storage space and improves bandwidth efficiency to maximize your 16 Channel 4K security NVR & internal hard drive storage.

4K NVR with Expandable Storage

Camius 16 channel NVR and first two internal SATA hard drives. Each internal SATA hard drive has a capacity of 14 terabytes in the network video recorder and is compatible with SATA or SSD. Additionally, the NVR has an external e-Sata port for external storage. With this professional NVR for home business security cameras, you can save images and footage to your cloud on your terms (Dropbox or Google Drive). Only with reliable storage can an intelligent security camera system be complete; Camius NVRs provide information about the hard drive’s health.

3 sata hard drives 1000 1000 e1701314268539
View your cameras on a 4K monitor

The Camius 4K 16 Channel NVR has 3 video outputs that allow you to connect a monitor or TV for live viewing. It includes two HDMI video outputs with 4K and 1080P video resolutions and a VGA output that supports 1080P video (1920×1080). Select the output resolution that matches your monitor during setup to ensure the best resolution. The network video recorder will automatically adjust the output resolution to match the optimal resolution of your monitor at system startup.

Outdoor security cameras with enhanced night vision

Camius IP offers color night vision mode in ambient light conditions. Camius indoor and outdoor cameras adjust the displayed stream to include color on a video at night. Camius IP cameras offer color night vision with lights on. It allows the user to distinguish colors on a subject, like a red vehicle or a blue shirt. Even the moon or starlight is enough to keep the camera in Color Night Mode. In complete darkness, cameras deliver a black-and-white picture. 4K and 2K outdoor business security cameras’ infrared distance is 30 to 100 feet.

Control the floodlight using the Camius View app, with options like warning light or strobe mode. Schedule deterrence, including siren for specific hours and days. Clear video in darkness helps identify objects.

Security Camera System for Business with Audio

The built-in microphone in all Camius IP cameras provides clear audio to record and monitor clear audio. For example, a Camius IP PoE camera with audio could detect sound and trigger recording in advance if the subject wasn’t in the camera view. Audio and Video are combined and synchronized with video footage stored on the NVR’s hard drive. Sound Detection is triggered when a sudden loud noise occurs near the camera; it alerts the user and records in Intelligent mode.

IPVAULT2256PR encoding audio 6 cameras e1679809111815
Camius Smart video motion detection is supported by IP cameras in the NVR kit when they detect motion along with pedestrians, vehicles, or vehicles and pedestrians.

Smart Motion Detection

The Camius NVR network video recorder allows motion detection to monitor and record all the activity in your home and business. You can also select your motion target detection, which includes not any video motion but pedestrian, vehicle, or pedestrian and vehicle as your target.  Motion detection recording and alarm schedule are not enabled by default and are activated by the user on demand.

Sound Detection

Sound Detection is triggered when a sudden loud noise occurs near the camera; it alerts the user and records in Intelligent mode. You can set up alarms triggered by Sound detection.


4K Spotlight Outdoor Cameras

The Camius NVR system includes 2 4K spotlight cameras with audio monitoring and recording, providing added security measures. The cameras have a fixed 2.8mm lens that provides a 106° view with no blind spots, reducing the need for multiple cameras. The cameras boast impressive features such as 8MP (3840 x 2160) video at 30 fps, configurable spotlights, a built-in PIR sensor, powerful deterrents including a loud siren, and 2-way audio with a built-in mic and speaker. The camera can be monitored and managed through a smartphone app.

Lights and Siren as a significant deterrent

The Camius Ultra HD Spotlight Cameras offer a powerful deterrent against criminal activity. With the SPOT828A-R 4K camera model, the motion-activated spotlight illuminates the scene with bright and visible light to deter potential criminal activity. The floodlight can be turned on and off as needed, while the spotlight feature provides clear color video in complete darkness to help identify subjects. Additionally, the built-in speaker can play a loud siren, further reinforcing the deterrent effect.

2320P16N SPOT828A R DETERRENCE web 2023 scaled

2K Bullet Outdoor Security Cameras

Besides two 4K cameras, the security system includes 8 2K IP cameras, four dome, and four bullet cameras. The Camius 2K cameras offer exceptional image quality with a 5 million pixels resolution at 2880 x 1620 and a smooth 30 frames per second. The cameras have advanced processing technology to deliver clear and fluent images. The bullet cameras come with a 3.6mm lens, offering a wide-angle view of 91°, while the dome cameras provide an expansive 110° view. Compared to cameras with 4 and 6-mm lenses, Camius cameras have a broader view and fewer blind spots, making them a superior option to other manufacturers’ cameras.

BOLTX536R features 970 600 e1680472944281

2K Dome Security Cameras

This PoE camera system captures video with 5 megapixels, providing 2.5 times the resolution of a traditional HD 1080p security camera. With a pixel ratio of 2880 x 1620, instead of the standard 1920 x 1080 and 2 million pixels, these super HD 2K cameras offer clearer, more detailed images when zoomed in.

IRIS528R features e1681449411921
Highly Customizable Image Control Settings

The Camius indoor and outdoor cameras offer a range of image settings that can be adjusted through the NVR. You can choose from various IR settings, including the IR cut mode, IR cut delay, IR LED way, and IR LED light level. Additionally, you can change the camera’s view using features such as Lens Flip, Angle Flip, Corridor mode, and WDR. You can always click on the ‘Default’ tab to revert to factory settings optimized for the system.

Weatherproof Cameras

Camius security systems are designed to withstand the elements, offering both weatherproof and vandal-proof features. The robust construction of the cameras ensures they can endure harsh weather conditions, from heavy rain to scorching sun. Additionally, the vandal-proof design adds an extra layer of protection against potential tampering or damage. With Camius, you can rest assured knowing your surveillance system is built to last, providing reliable security regardless of the environment.


Security Camera System for Business with 24/7 Surveillance Recording 

The Camius business surveillance system is equipped with a hard drive, allowing it to store up to 16 IP camera recordings in real-time continuously. This system provides 24/7 surveillance coverage, giving businesses peace of mind knowing their property and assets are monitored around the clock. Unlike other security systems, Camius does not require subscription fees, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their security measures. This system allows businesses to view and access recorded footage anytime, ensuring they have the necessary information to make informed decisions. Investing in the Camius security camera system is an intelligent choice for any business looking to enhance its surveillance capabilities.

IPVAULT22566PR Recording main and dual stream e1679810155887

You keep your footage on your own recorder’s local disks. So you will have all-day videos without missing a beat. In addition, you can enable recording triggered with detection and upload footage to your Cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive).

camius cloud nvr dropbox

Versatile Recording Modes

You can customize the 4K and 2K PoE home business security cameras recording as 24/7 continuous (normal), scheduled, or triggered with Motion, PIR detection, or Sound Detection in Intelligent Mode and AI detection. The NVR starts recording 24/7 out of the box (the normal recording schedule is enabled by default). You’d need to enable and record schedules triggered with motion, PIR, and Intelligent and AI detection based on your requirement.

IPVAULT22566PR Recording schedule
Customizable alarms

You can enable alarm settings using the NVR. Alarms include a recorder’s buzzer sound, sending email alerts, push notifications to the CAMIUS VIEW smartphone camera app, recording, pre-recording, and uploading images to Cloud through the NVR (Dropbox or Google Drive). Note: Voice prompts are in beta.

IPVAULT2256PR alarms schedule e1679802672215

You can schedule an alarm for each camera and select the following events to trigger it:

  • Motion Detection
  • Stationary Object or Sound Detection in Intelligent mode
  • AI detection includes Human & Vehicle Detection (PD&VD), Cross Counting (CC), Perimeter Intrusion detection (PID), or Line Crossing detection (LCD). You can enable one of the AI functions.
  • ‘Exception’ that includes No Space on your Hard Drive Disk, Disk error or failure, Video Loss 

Best Security Cameras for Businesses with Precise Detection

Camus’s latest 2K security cameras offer detection using AI analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing the user to create zones for detecting movement patterns, location, etc. You can activate one of the AI features for precise detection, alarms, and reports. AI detection will trigger recording, email, or push notifications in addition to video recording in a unique color and tag.


You can enable Human & Vehicle or Perimeter Intrusion Detection in AI mode and then allow push notifications on your mobile app. Make sure to select Schedule and save it.

  • Human and Vehicle Detection (PD & VD)

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID)

  • Line Crossing Detection (LCD)

  • Cross-Counting (CC)

  • More AI functions are in the Beta version

Camius Human Detection scaled

NVR Software

The NVR PoE camera system goes beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free NVR software (VMS) can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings. This software is excellent for multiple installations as it can combine cameras connected to a Camius DVR or NVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen. The software also displays Up to 128 cameras on the same screen and manages multiple devices from different locations. Click here for the guide to adding the 16 channel NVR camera system to the Camius video management software.

Best Camius NVR software for Windows and Mac to control up to 128 cameras
Camius DVR with browser access

Compatible with Web Browsers

You can access your Camius NVR system using a web browser. For more click  here for more information

Camius View App

The Smartphone Security Camera App Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. Click here on how to add your security cameras to the app.

The mobile app is available on iOS and Android App stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. You can use your smartphone security camera App to view and playback any Camius security camera, listen to audio, and control the system entirely, including restarting it remotely.

After setting up the recording schedule, you will receive push notifications through the Camius View smartphone app and be able to access the recorded events.

What’s in the box:

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 in
Security System Bundle


Number of Channels

16 channels

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Storage Capacity

14TB on each Internal and external SATA hard drive

Recorder eSATA Port


Bundled Camera Number


Camera Resolution

4K camera: 3840 x 2160, 2K camera: 2880 x 1620

Camera Lens

4K: 2.8mm I 2K Bullet: 3.6mm I 2K Dome: 2.8mm

Camera Built-in Microphone


Camera PIR Motion Sensor

with 4K PoE cameras

Camera Spotlight

with 4K PoE cameras

Camera Built-in Speaker

4K Spotlight Cameras have a built-in speaker

Camera Built-in Siren

4K Spotlight Camera comes with a built-in siren

Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Camera Built-in SD Card Slot

Yes (max capacity 256GB; micro-SD card is not included)

Camera Power over Ethernet


Recorder Total Bandwidth


Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Android App

Camius View

Mac Software


iOS App

Camius View

PC Software


Camera Weatherproof IP Rating

IP66 water and dust proof

Night Vision


Browser Access


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Recorder Email Alerts


Camera Video Analysis


Smartphone Push Notifications


Recorder Video Output

HDMI1 for a primary monitor, HDMI2 for a secondary monitor, VGA