battery camera 2 packbattery camera 2 pack
Add-on 2 pack Wireless Battery Camera – WFC2
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Add-on 2 pack Wireless Battery Camera – WFC2


What you get:  
  • Two WFC2 cameras with an antenna, wall bracket, 3-cell battery, set of screws with a hex key, drill template, quick installation guide


  • Each camera is powered by a 3-cell lithium battery, rechargeable with a special, protected Camius charger (SKU: WFC-USB15)
  • This battery-powered camera requires a WiFi NVR Base [SKU: WFN6-1TB] & pairs easily
  • 104 degrees wide view
  • 26ft night vision
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  •  Listen & Talk Using Phone App
  • Make sure to charge the battery fully before use

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Camius 2 Pack WFC2 Wireless Battery Operated Security Camera pack is an add-on to the WFN6 WiFi Hub NVR system. 

Camera Battery life

Wireless home security cameras’ battery life depends on how busy the area is, where it’s installed. The 3-cell lithium-ion camera battery is easily charged. Please remove the battery from the camera without the need to remove the camera from its location. Charge it using the Camius battery charger included in the kit. Return the battery in the camera, and you are all set.

Easy Security Camera System installation

Camius battery-powered wireless surveillance cameras are easy to install. A wireless battery security camera system installation takes very little time compared to the wired cameras. You don’t require any cables. Choose the camera location, mount it, and connect to your wireless camera NVR. Make sure to locate your security camera recorder not too far from the wifi camera for a full wireless connection. You can see the bar with wireless coverage on the mobile camera app. You get better wireless coverage if you have a clear line of sight. Large objects, concrete walls between the camera and NVR will reduce the strength of the wireless signal.

2-Way Audio

Wireless security cameras with audio capability designed to listen and talk using the mobile app. The 2-way audio battery-operated security camera is a great deterrent. Please check your local laws about audio surveillance and recording consent before using the system. Camius doesn’t have any information about different jurisdictions and has no liability if you use Camius products without knowing your jurisdiction laws.

Weatherproof Outdoor Security Cameras

Indoor-outdoor wireless security cameras are fully water and dustproof. With IP66 rated housing, Camius wire-free camera can operate in a hot and cold environment between 4°F (- 20°C) to 122°F (50°C).


Camius wire-free security camera is compatible only with Camius WFN6 security recorder/wifi hub. It allows viewing and recording up to 6 battery-operated wireless security cameras with audio & video. The camera DVR (digital network video recorder) fits 1 internal hard drive. Optionally, users can store footage on the DVR’s micro SD card.  The DVR doesn’t include a pre-installed Hard drive disk and micro SD card by default. But bundles with pre-installed storage are available for purchase. To view cameras live, connect a monitor to the security cameras recorder via an HDMI cable.

Motion Detection

Wire-free security camera has an advanced built-in passive infrared sensor (PIR). Wireless outdoor security cameras wake up and start recording if motion is detected. It senses motion coming from people, pets, cars.

1080p Video Resolution

Wire-free security camera has a very wide angle 2.8mm lens and full HD 1080 image sensor. The battery-powered camera produces crisp, clear full HD video and over 100 degrees wide view.

Night Vision

Camius wire-free security camera is equipped with powerful infrared LEDs. It captures images and videos within 25 feet from the camera location.

No subscription monthly fees

This indoor-outdoor Wi-Fi camera system has no subscription fees. Store footage to your wireless security DVR. It is not a cloud-based home security camera system, where camera information is sent to the cloud and might require high bandwidth internet plan. If you do not require remote access outside of the house, you can have the system running offline (without internet access) too. For remote access, make sure to connect your wire-free security camera system to the Internet.

Security System Software and Remote Apps

View live your 1080p Wireless Camera System on your mobile device or computer. Access your wireless security cameras from anywhere in the world. Connect it via a free mobile phone app or software. Playback your home security camera system footage on the app. Receive push notifications to your smartphone app on motion detection.

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