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About us

Camius Security & Surveillance Systems deliver a complete range of HD Multi-MegaPixel security camera variation and advanced high-speed NVR and DVR security recorders.

Our mission

For over two decades, the Camius team was driven by the need to provide true security and safety for public, private, industrial, and other sectors.

We see a security system as something that needs to be reliable and intuitive, providing evidence and peace of mind.

A common problem for any tech user is not getting the resources and help they need; here at Camius, we focus on responsive and meaningful support.

We continuously improve the usability of our systems so that our customers can enjoy the best all-round security system money can buy.

Our customers

Camius is a professional security system manufacturer, our loyal customers are professional installers and security system owners.

Why professional installers prefer Camius products:

  • Cutting-edge technology, features, and specs
  • Flexibility and interoperability
  • Durability and ease of use

Why DIY system owners prefer Camius products:

  • Easy setup and use
  • Top-tier tech support
  • Best picture quality and features