Camius Security Camera Systems

Camius offers a wide selection of security camera systems for businesses and homes, whether you require a professional setup or a DIY system. Our IP camera security systems provide comprehensive surveillance, including Smart Motion, and AI detection, active deterrence such as sirens and lights, and AI functions powered with Artificial Intelligence. 

Camius 4K Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera Systems with DVR NVR recording

Elevate your business and home security systems with Camius wireless security camera systems and battery powered security camera kits

  • View your cameras live on a TV screen connected to your wireless NVR recorder
  • Remote viewing and high-capacity HDD storage
    Months of footage storage
  • Built-in lights and siren for deterring criminals
  • Easy installation with wireless, battery powered security camera DVR kit
  • No need for complicated wiring or power outlets
  • Rechargeable wireless camera battery for long-lasting power
  • Seamless integration of wireless cameras with NVR for centralized monitoring and recording

Advanced 4K Network Video Recorder

Experience a reliable, easy-setup solution with Camius 4K NVR Network Video Recorder. Our surveillance equipment allows you to view, record, and manage IP Cameras using CAT Ethernet cables, up to 330 ft in length.

Key Features:

  • Reliable and easy setup with Professional-grade security surveillance cameras
  • High bandwidth and bitrate and multiple hard drive disks, external e-SATA
  • Works with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Versatile use for both business and home security, and the latest AI smart features at no additional cost

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Professional-grade 8, 16 and 32 channel NVRs
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Camius Security IP cameras provide a range of advanced features for both professional installers, home and business owners. With the power-over-ethernet capability, installation becomes simplified as it requires just a single cable. The spotlight cameras offer the added benefit of two-way audio communication. The ethernet powered security cameras also excel in audio and video quality, with support for 2K and 4K video at a smooth 30 frames per second, boasting the highest bitrate in the industry. Moreover, the cameras offer highly customizable settings and can be accessed from any device, including web browsers, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Additionally, the smart motion, sound, human, vehicle, detection, audio, lights, siren, and more features enhance the overall security experience.

4K DVR Business and Home Security Systems (over coax)

Experience high-quality 4K video, clear audio, a user-friendly interface, even for non-tech-savvy users. 

Why to upgrade to Camius:

  • High-quality 4K video and clear audio
  • User-friendly interface from any device
  • Pre-installed high-capacity storage hard disk, allowing you to record and store stunning 4K video with clear details and vibrant colors and audio as well
  • Smart precise motion, sound and A.I. detection
  • Remote monitoring or run it standalone for offline surveillance from a smartphone, tablet, desktop, web browser

4K DVR Recorders

Choose Camius DVR Recorders, compatible with CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI camera standards over coaxial cable. Enhance your home or business security system without altering the existing wire infrastructure - simply replace your camera and recorder for an upgraded experience.

4K Analog Security Cameras

Equipped with a high-performance 4K image sensor, color night vision, wide-angle view, and audio, it delivers exceptional clarity and detail. Compatible with both Camius and non-Camius DVRs, this BNC camera supports all modes - CVBS, AHD, TVI, and CVI, eliminating the need for comparison. 

Privacy and Security at the Heart of Camius Security Camera System for Business and Home

Camius prioritizes privacy and security with its advanced security camera system designed for both business and home use. With the Camius View protocol utilizing the highly secure SRP V6.0 protocol, passwords are kept confidential and protected from servers or eavesdroppers. This protocol is resistant to password-guessing attacks, ensuring a higher level of security compared to traditional authentication methods. Additionally, the hardware supports native encryption, further enhancing the overall security of the system.

Access your business and home camera system from any device

Experience seamless security on the go with Camius - offering you access from any device, anytime, anywhere

DVR/NVR Software for PC and Mac

Camius security cameras and systems offer more than just HDMI and smartphone monitoring. Their free NVR software transforms desktops, laptops, PCs, or Macs into 24/7 surveillance stations. Users can monitor live video and audio, playback, and manage multiple cameras from different locations

Web Browser NVR, DVR CCTV Application

Camius offers a web browser CCTV application that provides rapid access to its IP Camera, NVR, and DVR systems. This application allows you to view live video, playback recordings, and manage system settings remotely. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

IP Camera, DVR, NVR App

Camius View, the Smartphone Security Camera App, grants full camera access from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Add your security cameras to the app on the iOS and Google Play stores. View, playback, listen, and control your cameras.


The choice between wired and wireless security cameras depends on various factors such as installation flexibility, reliability, and susceptibility to interference and budget. The Federal Trade Commission advises that wired cameras can provide a more stable connection and are less vulnerable to signal interference, making them suitable for areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage. On the other hand, wireless cameras offer easier installation and greater flexibility in camera placement, especially when wiring is not feasible or cost-effective.

Camius offers versatile security solutions, including systems that can function with or without an internet connection.

Choosing the right security camera system for your business is crucial for ensuring safety and protection. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

  • Assess your business needs: Determine the areas you need to monitor, such as entrances, parking lots, or interior spaces.
  • Consider camera types: Decide between analog, wired IP (PoE camera), or wireless cameras based on your budget and desired features.
  • Evaluate camera features: Look for features like video resolution, filed of view (or viewing angle), night vision, motion detection, and remote access for optimal surveillance.
  • Check compatibility: Ensure that the cameras are compatible with your existing security infrastructure or the system you plan to install.
  • Seek professional advice: Consult with security experts or vendors like Camius who specialize in business-oriented security systems for tailored recommendations.

Camius security systems offer a range of options suited for businesses of all sizes, providing advanced features and customizable solutions to meet specific security needs.

The cost of a business video surveillance system can vary depending on factors such as the number of cameras, camera types, features, and installation requirements. Generally, a basic system with a few cameras may start from a few hundred dollars, while larger, more advanced systems with high-resolution cameras and additional features can cost several thousand dollars.

According to industry reports and surveys, the cost of a business video surveillance system can vary widely based on factors such as the number of cameras, features, and installation complexity. Here’s an estimate based on historical data:

  • Basic systems with a few cameras and standard features may range from $500 to $1,500.
  • Mid-range systems with more cameras, higher resolution, and additional features like motion detection and remote access can cost between $1,500 to $5,000.
  • Advanced systems with multiple high-resolution cameras, night vision capabilities, and advanced analytics may exceed $5,000, potentially reaching up to $10,000 or more for larger installations.

These estimates are based on averages and can vary depending on the specific requirements of each business. Additionally, it’s important to consider ongoing expenses such as maintenance, monitoring / subscriptions fees, and potential upgrades.

Camius aims to provide high-quality, feature-rich surveillance solutions while keeping the system affordable. All Camius DVR and NVR camera systems support 4K video, audio, deterrence features, highest capacity storage, and the highest bandwidth and bitrates in the industry. This ensures customers receive top-notch security without being limited in features or breaking the bank. We also make sure the systems are future proof, especially our unique hybrid analog DVR camera systems which allows you to have analog and IP cameras added to the same system!

Camius provides transparent pricing, no subscription fees and offers tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality or performance. You can get Camius security camera system with a recorder start from $299

The best home security camera combines reliability, high resolution,  motion detection with reduce false alarms, wide angle view, night vision, compatibility with various computers, handhelds, storage capacity. The United States Department of Justice recommends the use of cameras with a minimum resolution of 1080p for clear footage. Camius offers a range of home security cameras with a resolution of minimum 2K or 5 megapixels to 4k (8 megapixels), which is double and 4 times the size of 1080p in addition to precise motion detection. These cameras meet the recommended criteria and provide comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for homeowners.

Choosing the best brand of home security camera depends on factors such as image quality, ease of use, features, customer service, and reliability.

Key Features to Look for:

  • High Resolution: Look for cameras offering at least 1080p resolution. Camius went beyond and above by offering minimum 2K and 4K cameras, providing superior image clarity.
  • Audio: Audio recording adds an additional level to the security system by having not only video footage but audio as well.
  • Night Vision: Ensure the camera has good night vision capabilities, preferably color night vision for better detail in low light. Camius offers enhanced night vision for all cameras. 4K IP cameras with lights offer color night vision.
  • Motion Detection: Smart motion detection that can differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles reduces false alerts.
  • Remote Access: Ability to view live footage and recorded video from your smartphone or computer.
  • Durability: For outdoor cameras, ensure they are weatherproof and can withstand harsh conditions.

Camius offers all the above features while ensuring customers have a unified menu, which is especially useful for businesses and professional installers. This unified interface is designed to seamlessly integrate different types of camera systems, including wired analog, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and wireless battery-operated cameras.

Moreover, Camius incorporates high quality audio recording capabilities, seamlessly synced with video, adding an additional layer to the security system. By capturing both video footage and audio, Camius enhances the overall surveillance experience, providing a more comprehensive view of security events. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where audio context can help clarify situations, improve incident analysis, and offer more detailed evidence.

Moreover, 4K IP wired and wireless cameras offer two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with the person standing next to the camera using the Camius View app.

By providing a cohesive and user-friendly experience, Camius simplifies the management and operation of diverse surveillance setups, making it easier to monitor and control various camera types from a single platform. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the learning curve for users, allowing for quicker and more effective deployment of security solutions.

Whether outdoor cameras need internet depends on their specific features and how you intend to use them. Here’s a detailed look at the scenarios:

Internet-Connected Cameras:

  • Remote Access: Internet connected cameras allow you to access live footage and recorded videos remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This feature is crucial for real-time monitoring and receiving alerts when you’re not on-site.
  • Cloud Storage: These cameras can store footage in the cloud, providing an additional layer of security in case the camera or local storage is tampered with or stolen.
  • Smart Features: Many modern cameras use internet connectivity for advanced features such as motion detection alerts, AI analytics (like distinguishing between humans and animals), and integration with other smart home devices.

Offline Cameras:

  • Local Storage: Outdoor cameras can operate without internet if they store footage locally on a NVR (Network Video Recorder), or DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This setup is useful if you don’t need remote access and prefer to review footage directly from the storage device.
  • Enhanced Security: By operating without internet, these cameras can reduce the risk of hacking or unauthorized access, as they are not exposed to online threats.
  • Reliability: Offline systems can continue to record even during internet outages, ensuring continuous surveillance without dependence on network availability.

The Camius Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras can function seamlessly with or without internet:

  • With Internet: They offer remote access through the Camius View app, mobile push notifications. This is ideal for users who need to keep an eye on their property from anywhere.
  • Without Internet: These cameras support local centralized storage via NVRs, ensuring that footage is securely stored on-site. Camius NVR systems, known for their high capacity and superior performance, can store extensive video data without requiring internet access. You continue enjoying all other features of the system without the Internet which is smart motion, sound, AI human, vehicle detection and more, deterrence with lights and siren, etc.

Camius aims to deliver robust and flexible surveillance solutions, ensuring that customers can choose setups that best fit their needs, whether they prefer the advantages of internet connectivity or the reliability of offline systems.

An IP camera system is a type of video surveillance solution that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit video data over a network. Unlike traditional analog CCTV cameras, IP cameras capture audio and video footage in digital format, enabling higher resolution and better quality images. These systems typically consist of multiple IP cameras, a network video recorder (NVR), and networking equipment like switches and routers.

Camius IP camera systems offer advanced features such as high-definition video capture perfectly synchronized with audio, remote access, smart detection to reduce false alarms, enhanced color night vision, and customizable deterrence. This eliminates the need for traditional alarm systems with motion and alarm sensors that require arming and disarming. They are designed for both residential and commercial use, providing robust security and monitoring capabilities. With the ability to integrate with other security systems and smart home devices, Camius IP cameras ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Yes, IP cameras can work without internet. While internet access is required for remote viewing and certain features like cloud storage, email notifications, IP cameras can still function locally without an internet connection. When connected to a local network, IP cameras can record and store footage on an NVR or a local storage device.

For instance, Camius IP camera systems are designed to operate efficiently in both internet-connected and offline environments. They offer local storage solutions such as internal hard drives in NVRs and support for external storage devices. This flexibility ensures continuous surveillance even in locations with limited or no internet access, making Camius IP cameras a reliable choice for various security needs.