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Camius Security Camera Systems

Camius offers a comprehensive range of Ultra HD 4K and Super High Definition 2K intelligent security cameras and surveillance systems, including advanced 4K NVR and DVR audio video recorders. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology to loyal customers seeking personal and commercial property protection. We prioritize user-friendliness, making installing and using our surveillance systems easy for installers and property owners.

Trust in our expertise to find a tailored NVR IP camera system that meets your surveillance needs without requiring specialized knowledge.

Camius PoE wired 4K spotlight security cameras offer much more than video surveillance; it is an A.I powered an alarm system with warning lights, 2 way audio, a hardwired PIR motion sensor, Power-over-ethernet technology, Smart Motion and Sound Detection, and more.

Camius offers a professional PoE camera system with 4K PoE cameras with siren, lights, audio video recording, wide-angle view, real-time notifications, no monthly subscription fees, peace of mind, total control, and a strong deterrent against unwanted visitors. Investing in a Camius security system is a great way to protect your property.

Each Camius 4K NVR (Network Video Recorder) gives you a reliable, easy-setup solution that brings out the best in Camius advanced security camera selection for home and business security systems. Camius offers 8, 16, and 32 channel NVR audio video surveillance equipment to view, record and manage IP Cameras using CAT5 Ethernet cable or higher, up to 328 ft in length.

Camius offers a versatile range of PoE home and commercial security cameras that cater to diverse needs. PoE, or Power-over-Ethernet, enables direct network access and simplified installation with a single cable.

Camius IP camera systems offer Smart Motion, Vehicle, and Pedestrian, Thermal PIR detection, and deterrent features like sirens and lights, and even AI functions powered with Artificial Intelligence such as Human & Vehicle, Perimeter Intrusion, and License Plate detection ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

Camius ultra HD 4K Hybrid DVR Camera systems
4K Surveillance DVR Kits​

Upgrade your security system with Camius DVR, retaining the coaxial wiring. Enjoy high-quality 4K video, clear audio, and a user-friendly interface, suitable for non-tech-savvy users. Enhanced features like smart motion, sound, and AI detection, remote access are included.


Professional 16 Channel 4K Ultra HD DVR for 24 Cameras, 8TB HDD
4K Hybrid DVR Recorders

Camius Trivault Security DVRs support analog CVBS, AHD, HD CVI, HD TVI, and digital IP cameras, offering flexibility in camera selection. High-quality cameras provide more precise images and effective AI-powered detection. Upgrade to the latest technology for the Camius’ 4K Hybrid Digital Video Recorder.


FB4KAOC 1000 10000
4K Analog Cameras

Camius’ analog security camera features a high-performance 4K image sensor for over 8 million pixels, color night vision, wide-angle security camera coverage. Compatible with Camius & non-Camius with 960, AHD, HD CVI, TVI DVRs. Bullet cameras include a built-in microphone for audio recording and sound detection.

Embrace Wireless Freedom: Camius 8 Channel NVR security system liberates you from cables and intricate setups, enabling flexible camera placement for effortless security.

Camius security cameras and systems offer more than just HDMI and smartphone monitoring. Their free NVR software transforms desktops, laptops, PCs, or Macs into 24/7 surveillance stations. Users can monitor live video and audio, playback, and manage multiple cameras from different locations, displaying up to 128 cameras on one screen.

Camius View, the Smartphone Security Camera App, grants full camera access from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Add your security cameras to the app on iOS and Google Play stores. View, playback, listen, and remotely control your Camius cameras.

Camius security NVR, DVR recorders, and best home security cameras are compatible with web browsers for quick access and remote settings—those web browsers include Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Camius web browser 1000

The Camius View protocol is highly secure because it uses SRP V6.0 (Secure Remote Password). This protocol ensures that a user’s password remains confidential and is not revealed to the server or eavesdroppers. The challenge-response mechanism used in SRP V6.0 resists dictionary and other password-guessing attacks, making it more secure than traditional password-based authentication methods. Additionally, the hardware supports the encryption natively, further enhancing the protocol’s security. These features make the Camius View protocol a reliable and robust option for secure communication with Camius security cameras.

Our mission is continuous improvement of the usability of Camius security surveillance systems so that our customers can enjoy the best all-round security system money can buy.