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Quick Tips:

A Quick Setup Guide and a video tutorial for new IP cameras and recorders

(VIDEO) How to install an HDD in a Camius NVR / DVR

(Visual Guide) Zoom & Focus Adjustment for BoltV

(Visual Guide) How to easily change the IP address for your Camius device

Video Playlists:

3rd party NVR and software compatibility:

Please make sure you have the codec switched down from H.265 to H.264 via browser access:

  • Log in to the Camius IP camera via the web browser (for more details about web browser access visit this link) and head to (Remote Settings) then (Network) / (Video Streaming)
  • Under Video Code Type switch the codec from H.265 to H.264 in case it wasn’t; also switch the substream and mobile stream
  • Don’t forget to hit (Save) above this section.

While you’re there, you may want to switch the resolution down a bit; keep trying until 1080P, Camius NVRs handle the 4MP and 8MP (2K and 4K) but 3rd party NVRs or software might not.

How to add IP Cameras to Your Camius NVR / DVR recorder

Camius Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Hybrid Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are Onvif compliant. In this video tutorial, we offer how to add third-party  IP cameras to Camius recorders.

Please note IPVault series recorders work only with IP network cameras. If you install analog and/or IP cameras in one system, we recommend using the Camius TRiVault series hybrid DVR.


How to install IP cameras

In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to set up your Camius IP camera:

  • Find the camera on your local network,
  • Change the IP camera’s IP settings before accessing it,
  • Installing the browser plugin for Internet Explorer
  • Activating the plugin for Google Chrome
  • Accessing the Camius IP Camera via browser
  • Changing the Codec to H.264
  • Changing the IP camera’s output resolution
  • Changing Ports for accessing the IP camera remotely
  • setting up the RTSP Port and paths for 3rd party integration
  • Setting up Plug’N’Play for adding your camera to Apps
  • Changing the admin password
  • Showcasing Analytics feature
  • The link to download Software, Guides, and Tutorials
  • How to request technical assistance


How to add your Camius IP Camera to Blue Iris

Blue Iris, Video Security Software, is one of the most popular remote video management applications. Watch this video on how to use Camius cameras with Blue Iris

How to add Camius IP cameras using Surveillance Client for Mac

All Camius NVR and DVR security recorders, IP cameras are provided with the  Professional Video Management Software“Surveillance Client”, which supports upto to 128 devices. The software is to optimize features of Camius CCTV products, designed for medium & large-scale applications allowing multiple users access to the live & recorded videos remotely from anywhere in the world. Camius software is designed for Windows PC and Apple Mac.

How to install an HDD in a Camius NVR/DVR

A simple picture guide demonstrating how to fit an HDD into many recorder models, the one used in this example is the Camius Hybrid 8-Channel DVR (Camius – TriVault184ATC)