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Why can’t I access my IP cameras on my Camius View app?

If you can not access your Camius IP cameras, DVR (digital video recorder), or NVR (network video recorder) on the Camius View smartphone app, please check the below:

  1. Check if you are using the latest version of the Camius View app 
  1. On the App’s ‘Devices‘ page, make sure your recorder is added using P2P (ID) instead of IP (IP Address), and if in doubt, delete it and add it again. 
  2. In the Media Port, make sure to enter the right port number:
    • Use port 80 for R-series recorders and IP cameras
    • Port 9000 for the non-R series is required
Camius View port 80
Why can’t I access my IP cameras on my Camius View app?  7
  1. Make sure you’re connected to a reliable network on your phone 
  1. If the above steps don’t help, submit a support request and include the device model number and the current ’Firmware/Software Version,’ which can be found using the Camius Device Config Tool
Picture 1 – DVR / NVR information is available under Setup >> System >> Information
SPOT828A R System Information
Picture 2 – IP camera information is available under Remote Setting >> System >> Information (web browser view)