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Camius IP cameras have a comprehensive range that meets various demands for home and business owners who want better security.

PoE technology allows a security camera to power up with a network cable, giving the IP camera direct network access. PoE stands for power-over-ethernet. Besides a stable network connection, PoE camera security systems make camera installation easier by requiring a single wire.

However, don’t forget to account for your property’s internet capabilities. As the name suggests, it is essential to have stable network connectivity for your PoE camera system. Unlike wireless camera connections, power-over-ethernet ensures your Camius IP camera systems are always connected. In addition, it allows your PoE IP cameras to reliably send video files to your Camius NVR (network video recorder). It is also worth mentioning that direct-wired connections can be faster than wireless. Browse our security cameras & surveillance NVR options to start setting up your commercial or residential security system.