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Elevate Your Security with Camius IP Cameras

In the ever-evolving landscape of security technology, Camius IP cameras stand out as a reliable and innovative solution for businesses and homeowners alike. As a leading provider of cutting-edge surveillance systems, Camius offers a comprehensive range of IP cameras that seamlessly integrate with modern security infrastructure, delivering unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Wired Security Cameras for Uncompromised Surveillance

Camius IP cameras are designed to provide a robust and reliable wired security solution, ensuring that your property or business is constantly monitored and protected. These high-performance cameras boast advanced features such as high-resolution imaging, night vision capabilities, and intelligent motion detection, allowing you to stay vigilant and responsive to any potential threats.

Surveillance Cameras for Business: Safeguarding Your Assets with Camius Network Cameras

For businesses, Camius network cameras offers comprehensive security audio video surveillance solutions that goes beyond mere monitoring. These surveillance cameras are engineered to provide comprehensive coverage, capturing critical footage that can be used for incident investigation, employee training, and overall risk management. With their user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with network video recorders (NVRs), Camius cameras empower business owners to maintain a secure and productive environment.

IP Home Security Cameras

Camius is a leader in innovative IP camera solutions, delivering cutting-edge technology to the home security market. Our IP home security install effortlessly using power over ethernet technology. Homeowners gain HD audio video feeds at their fingertips through the intuitive Camius View app. Advanced features include human, vehicle, face detection, perimeter intrusion for automated alerts. Camius IP home Security Cameras with centralized recording to the NVR network video recorder combine simplicity, intelligence and reliability to empower complete protection of homes and families remotely via smartphone.

Comprehensive NVR Audio Video Surveillance Solutions with IP Security Cameras: Centralized Monitoring and Control

Camius IP security cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate with network video recorders (NVRs), creating a comprehensive security system that allows for centralized monitoring and control. This powerful combination enables users to access live footage, review recorded events, and manage their entire surveillance network from a single, intuitive interface. With the Camius NVR security system, businesses and homeowners can enjoy unparalleled control and visibility over their security landscape.

Power Over Ethernet Camera Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Security

Camius power over ethernet camera range is equipped with a advanced features that set them apart in the market. From high-resolution imaging and wide dynamic range to 2 way audio, deterrence, intelligent analytics and remote access capabilities, these cameras are designed to provide uncompromising security and unparalleled performance. With Camius, users can rest assured that their property and assets are protected by the latest and most reliable security technology available.

Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Features

Camius IP cameras are equipped with a range of advanced analytics and intelligent features that enhance the overall security of the system. These cameras can integrate with audio video analytics systems to detect events such as regular video motion, smart motion targeting pedestrian and vehicles, human and vehicle, perimeter intrusion, face detection, line crossing detection and more powered by A.I. technology, providing proactive alerts and notifications.

Robust Security and Encryption with Camius, One of the Top Video Surveillance Companies in the United States

Camius IP cameras prioritize the security of the video footage, with built-in encryption to protect against hacking and tampering. As one of the top video surveillance companies, we ensure that the sensitive information captured by the IP network cameras remains secure and tamper-resistant, giving users peace of mind.

Remote Access and Monitoring with Camius IP Camera Software

Camius IP cameras offer the convenience of remote access and monitoring, allowing users to view live footage offline and remotely and manage their security system from any device including Camius IP camera software, web browser, smartphone using Camius View app. This flexibility enables users to stay informed and in control of their property’s security, even when they are away.

In summary, Camius IP cameras stand out as a premier security solution, offering superior video quality, seamless integration, advanced analytics, robust security, and remote accessibility. With these features, Camius network camera audio video surveillance solutions provide businesses and homeowners with a comprehensive and future-proof security system that elevates their protection and peace of mind.


  • What is an IP camera system?

An IP (Internet Protocol) camera system is a type of digital video surveillance system that uses IP cameras to transmit video and audio data over a network. IP cameras capture video footage and send it over an Ethernet cable to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a computer for recording and storage. IP camera systems, offered by Camius, provide not only high-resolution video quality, but audio as well, highly customizable image settings, support Onvif and RTSP protocols, remote access, advanced analytics, and scalability. They are suitable for both residential and commercial security applications.

  • Can IP cameras work without internet?

Yes, IP cameras can work without internet access. While the internet is required for remote viewing and some cloud-based features, IP cameras, like those from Camius, can operate on a local network (LAN) without internet connectivity. In this setup, video footage is recorded and stored on a local NVR or a computer. Users can access the cameras and view the footage locally through devices connected to the same network. However, without internet access, remote monitoring and recording to cloud  such as Dropbox or Google Drive, email notifications features will not be available.

  • Is PoE IP camera different from WIFI camera?

Yes, an IP camera can connect via Ethernet cables (wired) or WiFi (wireless), while a WiFi camera specifically uses WiFi for network connection. Wired IP cameras, including Camius, use Power over Ethernet (PoE), providing power and data through one cable, whereas WiFi cameras need a separate power source. WiFi cameras are easier to install in places where running cables is difficult but may face signal issues.