Best 4K Surveillance NVR Camera System Deals

Secure Your Home and Business with Exclusive NVR Recorders and IP Cameras by Camius!

PoE Cameras with 8 Channel NVR

Discover a wide variety of PoE wired camera systems with 8 channel NVR to safeguard your home, store effortlessly with a piece of mind

PoE Cameras with 16 Channel NVR

For advanced business applications, large properties that require more than 8 cameras, check systems with 16 channel NVR

Best Selling 8 Channel NVR Camera Systems

Best 16 Channel NVR System Deals

Looking for the advanced NVR with multiple hard drives to control IP cameras?

For those interested in the commercial and residential security camera market, Camius has some great deals on surveillance systems. Our 32-channel NVR recorder is dependable and can hold 8 internal SATA hard drives, as well as an external eSATA which can support high-capacity hard drives up to 14TB each. Add Camius IP cameras for a seamless and comprehensive security system.

Record for months!

4K Network Video Recorder for 32 IP cameras, up to 126TB capacity

HD IP Cameras

Wired PoE IP cameras with Audio, Smart Detection

IP Camera Add-ons

Add Hard Drive Disks, IP camera ethernet cables

NVRs compatible with PC, Mac, Web Browser, Mobile

High Tech DVR and NVR software for PC and Mac by Camius

With Camius NVR camera systems, you’ll receive VMS software for both PC and Mac desktops. This provides efficient and user-friendly surveillance management capabilities, giving you complete control over your home or business security.

With the Camius View app, you can conveniently access live views and playback of your cameras on your mobile device, allowing you to keep an eye on things while on-the-go.

Users can access their Camius NVR camera systems from a web-based interface using various web browsers, providing flexibility and convenience.

Looking for the DVR Replacement for security cameras?

Upgrade your security system with Camius, keeping your existing coaxial wiring and resolution while adding advanced features like human and vehicle detection, face recognition, and compatibility with various devices. Discover our range of 4K BNC indoor and outdoor cameras, compatible with Windows PC, Mac, browsers, and smartphone apps for convenient surveillance. 

4K Surveillance DVR Kits​

Upgrade your security system with Camius DVR, retaining the coaxial wiring. Enjoy high-quality 4K video, clear audio, and a user-friendly interface, suitable for non-tech-savvy users. Enhanced features like smart motion, sound, and AI detection, remote access are included.

4K Hybrid DVR Recorders

Trivault Security DVRs support analog CVBS, AHD, HD CVI, HD TVI, and network IP cameras. High-quality cameras provide more precise images and effective AI-powered detection. Upgrade to the latest technology for the Camius’ 4K Hybrid Digital Video Recorder.

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Testimonials / Reviews

Discover what Camius’ satisfied customers say about their experience with us. Read their testimonials and reviews and see why we’re the trusted choice for your security system requirements.

Cory Elliott
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I have had my 4 Camera (8 channel capable) POE system up and running for over a couple of months now and am very impressed with it. I'm so glad I chose to look outside of the the box stores and opt for what I believe is a much better quality system. The 5MP camera's are very clear and the 3TB NVR storage is perfect. I don't post a lot of reviews, but I felt very strongly about posting one here. In addition to the system, the customer service is top notch. I have reached out a few times to ask questions via phone and via email and have always received a prompt response and all of my questions have been answered. I would highly recommend Camius to anyone looking for a quality system for their home, which is what I purchased mine for. Honestly, I believe it would a good system for the majority of video surveillance needs.​
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I am just now setting my Camius hybrid DVR. So far customer care has been great. I will update in a few weeks.
Assylay T. Toledo
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Great cameras and great customer service. I will definitely recommend Camius to my friends and family.
Amy T.
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We have ordered a 4K security system with 10 cameras from Camius site like a year ago. 2 of the cameras have bright lights and audio. I am impressed with the level of care this company provides to its customers! First of all, they ship fast and well packaged. Secondly, Camius products are of high quality. Worked as they promised. And finally, amazing after-sales support. They reply fast. If you need to call, they answer all your questions patiently, and they make sure to resolve issues if you have any! And big thank you to Alex!
Max Brinston
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4 years ago After messing around with patchy IP camera configuration I came to the conclusion that using the same brand NVR, DVR recorder as the IP cameras pays off, so I started searching for decent security system providers for my upcoming projects, I stumbled upon Camius and I'm not looking back for the following reasons: 1- Placing the order on their site was a breeze 2- The package arrived in no time, Free shipping was a great touch since these systems are above 10lbs 3- The system unboxing was unique, the recorder looks and runs amazingly smooth, and the cameras looked and felt professional 4- Even though I'm experienced I texted their support number (which was advertised prominently asking about best practices and someone immediately answered! take a minute here and think about the last time you called tech support on anything, Freddie was knowledgable, courteous, and above all he answered every question I had quickly, including sales, technical specs, logistics.. wow I'm very impressed, oh and it was on a Saturday! 5- When I powered up the NVR I found the hard drive ready to record and the IP cameras were playing stunning crisp UHD video, all I had to do was plug in the wires, I recommend the PoE cameras (that's Power over Ethernet) because you only have to run a network cable between each camera and the NVR I recommend Camius to whoever is looking for peace of mind, I just saw that they added new 4K cameras with strobe lights and 2 way voice intercom and I can't wait to get my hands on them for my next project
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Camius guys are the awesome. Besides reliable security camera system, the support is one of the best I have seen. This is where you understand that they care about the quality and service and customers. Thank you!
Amazon Customer
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seems to be what i wanted , no missing parts, looks well made ,have to read the manual before i hook it up lot of features
Former Amazon Customer
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Replacement camera worked as described although it was no longer needed since the item was replaced by a camera from a local vendor when the original camera shipped would freeze. I'll keep the replacement camera as a backup. Thank you!
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couldn't ask for a better seller than Fred who with his patience and reassuring words makes it a better day, thank you, can't go wrong, great DVR/NVR
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Arrived early and this is a very well made product, especially for the money. I have had other systems, taking hours and days to fully set up but this one took no more then couple hours. Thank you
Exceptional Service and Product
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The seller was fast, courteous, and professional. I would highly recommend them to everyone and will be ordering from their store whenever I need these types of security devices.
William S.
Great! Would buy again
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They got it here two days faster than they said they could. It worked much easier than I imagined. Improved our system wonderfully. Pretty product. Only con is the software for PC that you download only lets you see 1 or 4 screens at a time. I am possibly not seeing the setting, but I am pretty certain it isn't there. The web version and phone version does work though.
Wayne F.
A very good choice
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Some times you get lucky and some times you don't, this just happened to be one of the good ones. I would definitely recommend this seller. I will be returning here to add more cameras to my system.
mark h.
Awesome Package Deal!!!
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very satisfied so far. So many options, I set too many sensors and alarms. All good now. Special shout-out to ALEX on the guru team. I got a free upgrade to a 4 Gb HD (3Gb advertised 😉 I do have an observation about one of the menu options. There is a word misspelled. In the CHANNEL sub-menu, if you open(edit) any of the active cameras and select Position for screen Alias display, a drop down list appears with the word "Hiden alias" instead of "Hidden alias". Easy to fix, not a reason to complain.
David W.
Great Product
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I previously had Blink cameras installed. The overall quality of these cameras significantly exceeds the Blink cameras. Everything was plug and play. The hardest part was wall fishing the cables. I will be ordering 2 more cameras and looking at possibly replacing a businesses 16 camera system!!
James M.
Best support in the business!
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One day delivery to Ca. Great product and even better support. The support tech spent over an hour on the phone explaining and helping with the app setup. The support is second to none. Very happy!
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Works fine, upgraded the 2012 2tb seagate drive to a more recent 3tb toshiba. The two 4k cameras have interference when both are in day mode (rolling vertical bands of color, doesnt happen or appear with any of the 2k cameras and a 4k) but I needed one in a dark basement anyway. Comes with a remote and mouse for an easy to navigate system.
Fast and professional
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Arrived on time. Purchased for the same system Camius (I have 4-megapixels poe cameras with the NVR with which I am very happy). The sticker is very bright, 2-sided, big size (I sticked it on the window). Also I had one more sticker which came with the system in the past. Highly recommend this seller and their products.
Karthik R.
They went above and beyond my expectations...
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I sent them a few messages before buying and they made sure to get back to me pretty quickly. Within 20 minutes, usually. I was looking to replace my old school defender 8 camera system. I thought it would be as simple as replacing the cameras, but I found out that the defender system was using a different cable than what is currently used by the industry. With that being said, they recommended I get their ready to install kit called CMS-12K4B2ATC . When I got it, I called the support number for help with setting up the system and the support team was INCREDIBLE! My home security system is now up to date and I am able to access the video from my phone, which is pretty cool. I highly recommend this company, and I want to give big kudos to their support team. I've never felt more satisfied with a purchase in my life than with this system
Jeff V.
Top notch customer service
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CCTVGURUS did a fantastic job with support for my new 4MP camera by Camius. They took the time to help me get the camera working in Blue Iris and went above and beyond to tell me about features of the camera and supplied software.