8 Channel NVR Recorders

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Camius NVR security camera system for business and home offers an advanced user interface with highly customizable settings and a plug-and-play installation setup with Camius IP cameras. Other manufacturers’ IP cameras may be compatible with Camius NVRs with limited functions, such as basic video motion detection.


  • What is a PoE NVR?

A PoE (Power over Ethernet) NVR is a Network Video Recorder that uses a single Ethernet cable to provide both power and data connection to each IP camera. This simplifies installation, reduces the need for multiple cables, and ensures a more reliable power supply. The Camius 8 channel NVR recorders, for example, are equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports to power and record up to 8 IP PoE security cameras using a CAT5 Ethernet cable or higher, up to 328 ft in length.

  • Can NVR work without PoE?

Yes, an NVR can work without PoE. While PoE simplifies installation, it is not a requirement for an NVR to function. Cameras can be powered separately and connected to the NVR via a standard network connection. The Camius 8 channel NVR is versatile, supporting both PoE and non-PoE configurations, allowing users flexibility in their surveillance setup.

  • Do I need an NVR to use a PoE camera?

While you don’t strictly need an NVR to use a PoE camera (as PoE cameras can also be connected to a PoE switch and viewed on a computer or network device), having an NVR centralizes the recording and management of video feeds, providing a more comprehensive and secure surveillance solution. The Camius 8 channel NVR, for instance, offers seamless integration with PoE cameras, enhancing functionality with features like centralized storage, advanced analytics, and remote viewing capabilities.

  • Are PoE security cameras better?

PoE security cameras are often considered better due to their simplified installation, reduced cabling requirements, and reliable power supply through the Ethernet cable. They are easier to deploy and maintain, especially in larger setups. The Camius 8 channel NVR is designed to work seamlessly with PoE cameras, ensuring a robust and efficient surveillance system that leverages the benefits of PoE technology.