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Top Security DVR Recorders for Analog and IP Cameras by Camius

Connect Analog Security Cameras and Expand with IP Cameras

Upgrade your surveillance system with Camius top security DVR recorders. These advanced DVR recorders seamlessly connect to analog security cameras using BNC coaxial cables and provide the flexibility to add IP cameras for comprehensive coverage.

High-Quality Expandable 8 and 16 Channel Security DVR Recorders from Camius

Continuous Recording, Local Storage, and Easy Configuration and CCTV Camera Monitoring Software

Camius security DVR recorders are ideal for home, professionals and business owners seeking top-notch security solutions. Camius 8 channel and 16 channel DVR recorders offer reliable performance, continuous recording, and effortless configuration. In fact you can expand them to 12 and 24 cameras. They also have ample local storage and can instantly identify and add low-resolution CVBS AHD CVI or TVI cameras. For even more features, add Camius 4K analog security cameras, which provide a wide view, audio, and CCTV camera monitoring software that works with Windows PC and Mac computers!

Elevate Surveillance with Camius 4K DVR Camera Systems

Enhanced Storage Capacity for Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses

Experience the best in surveillance by upgrading to Camius 4K DVR camera systems. Designed for residential homes and commercial businesses, these systems offer high-capacity local storage, ensuring you never miss a moment of critical footage

Uncomplicated Security System Configuration with Camius Hybrid DVR Recorders

Advanced Features for Superior Security

Simplify your security system setup with Camius Hybrid DVR Recorders. These recorders offer easy configuration and boast advanced features such as audio processing and smart detection. For enhanced deterrence, consider adding Camius 4K spotlight IP cameras equipped with a siren and two-way audio.

Build a Comprehensive Home and Business Surveillance System with Camius DVR recorders

Quality DVR Recorders at Affordable Prices

Camius provides a wide range of surveillance systems for businesses and homes, including DVR recorders. Our feature-rich recorders come at no additional cost and reflect our commitment to delivering top-quality products at affordable prices with constant update of the surveillance  software and Camius View free CCTV camera app