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Camius Security DVR camera recorders connect to analog Cameras using BNC cables.

Hybrid Digital Video Recorders offer continuous recording, local storage, and advanced and uncomplicated security system configuration. Our surveillance DVR recorders also have compatibility with five types of connections, including analog CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI, and IP cameras (digital network cameras). These cameras are as versatile as they are reliable for surveilling your property. Residential homes and commercial businesses use quality surveillance equipment to protect themselves and their belongings, with our security DVR recorders playing a key role in that protection.

Hybrid 4K 8 and 16 Channel Security DVR recorders are the perfect upgrades if you still have existing BNC coaxial cables, power sources, and even analog cameras of various kinds like CVI, TVI, AHD, or CVBS. In addition, our DVR camera recorder works with IP cameras, too.

Audio processing and Intelligent Detection are also supported as remote app access and management.