8 Channel DVR Recorders

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Discover the extensive range of Camius 8 channel DVR recorders that offer months of recording

Find top-notch Business & Home DVR systems equipped with the finest CCTV 12 channel XVR recorder. Experience unparalleled security with Camius, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your premises. Benefit from a wide array of connection options, including 8 analog CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI, and 4 IP cameras, allowing you to effortlessly customize your system to meet your specific requirements.

Security DVR that allows seamless transition from analog CCTV to IP cameras

Elevate your security measures by upgrading to our Hybrid 4K 8 Channel DVR recorders. These recorders seamlessly integrate with your existing BNC coaxial cables and power sources, combining the best analog and IP security technologies. Not only does it support 8 channels, but you can also add 4 IP cameras to the DVR, making it the pinnacle of advanced surveillance solutions. If you choose not to add any analog cameras to the DVR, you can have up to 12 IP cameras! Our security DVR recorders are designed with simplicity in mind, adhering to the highest standards of functionality and ease of use.

DVR Recorder for Security Camera with NDAA standards

Camius DVR recorder for security camera is NDAA compliant, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards. With Camius security camera DVR recorders, you can enjoy features such as audio processing, intelligent AI detection, and the option for offline standalone operation. Additionally, you have the convenience of remote access through a desktop software compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, a web browser interface, and a smartphone app.