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By using Camius Devices and Products, you express your consent and acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use Agreement, the disclaimers, and caveats in this site, that you accept and will be bound by the terms thereof, you assume that the Camius product manufacturer &  CAMIUS has no legal, economic, financial responsibility for the losses caused by the operation. You acknowledge that the services, devices, products, content are provided “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE,” and covered by hardware warranty against manufacturing defects within the product provider’s warranty policy.

There is no warranty by the providers or any other party that the products’ functions will meet your requirements and expectations. 

The content from this site is “AS-IS,” “AS AVAILABLE,” and all warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed (including but not limited to the disclaimer of any implied warranties of merchantability and feasibility for a specific purpose). The information herein may contain errors and limitations. The owner of this site assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions on this site. 

Due to constant product development, the design and specifications of the products may change without prior notice.

This site may contain or contains links to other websites. Such links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information on such sites has been endorsed or approved by us.

You assume all responsibility and risk for selecting the product to achieve intended results and installation, use, and performance. Some information in CAMIUS product manuals, installation guides, datasheet (specifications sheet) may differ from the actual product. If any issue couldn’t be solved using the product user manual, please contact our technical support by visiting or the authorized dealer.

CAMIUS is not liable for problems caused by unauthorized modifications or attempted repair.

The use of the SD card or hard drive disk will affect the operation of the IP Cameras, recorders such as changing the video’s frame rate. Camius & its affiliates cannot be held responsible for any damage that results from missing video files. Camius doesn’t commit or promise quality, performance, other features, and functions on 3rd party products (SD cards, HDD).

We assume no liability or responsibility for any fire or electrical shock caused by improper handling or installation or faulty wiring, or electrical sockets.

We, Camius, design our products to meet safety and performance standards using specific Camius approved accessories. Camius disclaims liability associated with the use of non-Camius approved accessories.

CAMIUS makes no legal representations concerning the use of its products, such as producing, broadcasting, transferring, transmitting, recording video and audio surveillance of others without their awareness and/or consent. The recording of audio requires the consent of the recorded party. We urge you to check all applicable local, state, federal laws and regulations before using any form of surveillance or radio-frequency transmission.

Camius prohibits distributing, copying, disassembling, reverse compiling, reverse engineering, exporting, violation of export laws, the software and tools provided with Camius IP cameras, network video recorders and cameras, and digital video recorders IPvault and TRivault series.

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