4K Battery Operated Wireless Security Cameras with NVR

Introducing the Camius 4K Wireless Security Cameras with NVR Recorder

Eliminate cables and complicated setups with the Camius 4K Wireless Security Cameras with NVR Recorder. Place your cameras wherever you need them, without the hassle of wires. Camius offers a 2 camera system with a wireless 8 channel NVR, equipped with a 3TB or 4TB hard drive

Wire Free Security with Advanced Deterrence 

Experience peace of mind with Camius wireless security cameras, designed to provide homeowners, small businesses, and professional installers with top-notch protection. Our state-of-the-art system includes powerful deterrence features such as bright lights, a loud siren, and two-way audio, effectively deterring potential intruders. With an extended range through 802.11ah wireless technology, you can ensure uncompromising security for your property.

4K Battery Operated Wireless Security Cameras with NVR

Seamless Integration and Monitoring

Elevate your surveillance with our high-quality 4K battery-operated, wire free, and wireless cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Paired with a professional NVR, network video recorder, that supports up to 8 cameras, you can effortlessly monitor your property from any TV, web browser, desktop software, or the Camius View smartphone app. Integrate Camius wireless cameras with your existing wired systems for a comprehensive and unified security solution.

Camius 4k wireless security cameras dvr playback

Why to choose Camius ultra HD wireless security cameras without subscription?

Camius wireless security cameras without subscription come with pre-installed high capacity 3 and 4 terabyte storage and you can upgrade it to 8TB. It also allows you to effortlessly add up to 8 cordless outdoor wireless security cameras whenever necessary. This offers unparalleled flexibility in security solutions, providing you with peace of mind.

Camius wireless cameras without subscription NVR

Wireless Cameras Solar Panel

The Camius Solar Panel provides a robust energy source for continuous coverage. Designed for wireless Camius cameras, it efficiently recharges lithium batteries during daylight. This ensures uninterrupted surveillance even without mains power. Waterproof and discreetly mountable outside, the panel withstands weather to deliver persistent solar charging. Cameras maintain optimal runtime for reliable monitoring at all times. By harnessing natural power, the Camius Solar Panel uplifts every wireless system’s performance.

Long Lasting Camera Battery

We designed 3-cell lithium battery for maximum dependability. With greater capacity than competitors, a single charge fuels wireless cameras continuously for weeks. Recharging via USB takes minutes, restoring depleted power rapidly. This guarantees protection around the clock through consistent runtime.  Coupled with solar charging, it makes unattended deployments worry-free by eliminating downtime and outages. Customers receive uncompromising reliability from our long-lasting battery that powers security without pause.

Access your Camius Battery Operated Security Camera System from Any Device

4K Wireless security camera system with 4K HDMI video output

You can view live video and audio on your TV or monitor for added peace of mind. The battery-operated security camera system is user-friendly and reliable, and the cameras conserve battery life by activating live view only when motion or PIR detection is triggered.

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NVR Software for a Desktop

Camius security cameras and systems go beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free NVR software can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings.

NVR Software for a Desktop

Web Browser Access

Camius Wireless Security Cameras with DVR offer seamless web browser access for easy and convenient monitoring from anywhere.

Web browser compatible - Camius

Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera with Smartphone App

  • The smartphone security camera app Camius View (Camius View iOS and Camius View Android) offers complete access to your wireless security camera system with DVR (NVR) from any location. 
  • The mobile app is available on the iOS and Android app stores and is ready to link to your security cameras.
  • Users of Camius outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app can view and playback CCTV footage, listen to audio, and control the system.
How to Enable Person Detection Camera Notifications I Camius Wireless Cameras


Yes, there are outdoor cameras available without requiring a subscription, and Camius offers such options. 

  • Local Storage via NVR:

Network Video Recorder (NVR): Camius wirelesss battery powered security cameras are cameras are paired with an NVR (or some users call it DVR), allowing centralized storage and viewing of audio and video footage without needing a cloud subscription. High-capacity hard drives are included with each wireless NVR, making the system ready to record out of the box.

  • Real-Time Alerts and Access:

Motion Detection and Alerts: Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone when motion is detected without any subscription fees. Be able to playback the recorded events from your phone.

  • Remote Access:

Access your camera feed and recordings remotely without requiring a subscription, through Camius View mobile apps, desktop NVR software.

Wireless cameras typically have limited storage capabilities compared to wired counterparts. While most wireless cameras offer recording to a micro SD card, which has been proven to be unreliable, or rely on cloud storage subscriptions for extended recording durations, Camius offers a solution that eliminates these concerns and privacy issues. Camius wireless security cameras with NVR provide subscription-free 24/7 centralized recording to a high capacity local hard drive disk which is accessible only to the user, delivering 4K video with audio, along with siren and lights that act as an alarm and deterrent. Additionally, enjoy two-way audio functionality, allowing you to communicate with visitors and warn unwelcome guests from entering the property.

The price of wireless security cameras varies based on factors like brand, quality, camera enclosure, resolution, features. At Camius, wireless security cameras start at competitive prices and include high-capacity hard drive storage, starting from 3 terabytes (which you can expand to 6TB). In addition to a superior system featuring robust cameras and long-lasting batteries, Camius offers professional wireless NVR recorders and access from any device. This stands in contrast to cheaper options, which may feature inferior build quality using cheap plastic enclosure, shorter lifespans, reliance on power sources, or weak wireless ranges. With Camius, you’re investing in reliability, durability, and comprehensive surveillance solutions. Click here for the Camius wireless security camera prices

While Ring, SimplySafe dominate the wireless security camera market, they typically charge subscription fees for access to advanced features. These fees often come in tiered payment plans, reaching up to $10 per month per camera for 1080p or 2-megapixel video resolution. In contrast, Camius offers an alternative with no subscription fees, providing full control over your surveillance system without ongoing costs.

With Camius, you get a traditional security camera systems comprising two cameras, a network digital video recorder (NVR), and a high-capacity hard drive for storage which is completely wire-free and wireless, doesn’t depend on your Wi-Fi network! You can customize features, decide when alarm lights and sirens are triggered, integrate with other Camius wired systems, and enjoy 4K footage, which is 8 million pixels, with clear audio and two-way communication. Camius focuses on privacy with local storage, centralized recording, and advanced features without recurring payments. If you need cloud back, you can choose Dropbox or Google drive by using your own account.

Wireless security cameras typically get power in one of the following ways:

Battery-Powered: These cameras use rechargeable or replaceable batteries. They offer flexibility in placement since they don’t need to be near a power outlet but require regular battery changes or recharges.

Plugged into an Electrical Outlet: Some wireless / Wi-Fi cameras need to be plugged into an electrical outlet for power. This limits their placement to areas near a power source, also these cameras depend on your local network wi-fi signal.

Camius 4K wireless security cameras are powered with batteries and you can also add a solar panel or a USB charger for continuous power.

Moreover, Camius wireless cameras do not rely on your wi-fi signal which makes our systems more reliable and robust.

Battery life of wireless cameras varies depending on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and camera settings. Camius wireless cameras are designed to optimize battery life while delivering reliable performance, and they can last anywhere from several weeks to several months on a single charge. Customers can find detailed battery life information on Camius.com

All Camius security camera systems offer human and person detection. Camius 4K wireless security cameras come with advanced person (pedestrian) detection technology. This means the cameras can tell the difference between humans and other things like pets or vehicles, so you get fewer false alarms. You can enable Pedestrian (Person) Detection with adjustable detection area, distance and receive push notifications to your smartphone while you are away. Visit this guide for the detailed step-by-step instruction on how to activate Person Detection camera notifications

Most wireless cameras on the market do require a Wi-Fi connection to your router and a power outlet to function properly. These cameras use Wi-Fi to transmit video and audio data for remote viewing and monitoring.

However, Camius 4K battery-operated wireless cameras are different. Camius wireless cameras do not require Wi-Fi because they use a proprietary wireless signal between the Camius wireless NVR and the cameras. The only time you need Wi-Fi is if you want to view the Camius cameras on your smartphone; in that case, your smartphone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, but the cameras themselves do not.

Camius 4K battery operated wire free and wireless security cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to their high quality design. These cameras come with a professional NVR that supports up to 8 wireless cameras for home or business.

Key Features:

  • Alerts and recordings triggered by motion or pedestrian (person) detection
  • Deterrent features like siren and bright lights
  • 4K live video and audio and recording
  • When you are away from home, you can use the two-way audio feature on your Camius wireless security camera to communicate with delivery personnel, visitors, or potential intruders.
  • High storage capacity with 3 and 4 terabyte hard drive, compared to the industry standard of 1TB

Camius cameras are also compatible with Camius wired camera systems, ensuring optimal performance and expandability for your security needs.

WiFi security cameras face several issues:

  • Interference: Walls, electronics, and distance from the router can disrupt the signal, causing poor video quality or disconnections.
  • Bandwidth Consumption: High-definition streaming consumes significant bandwidth, slowing down other devices.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Weak network security can expose cameras to hacking.
  • Power Supply Issues: Placement is limited by power source requirements, and battery powered cameras need frequent maintenance.

Camius Solution

  • Camius offers wireless security cameras that do not rely on your local Wi-Fi network. These cameras use a dedicated wireless network, ensuring reliable performance and security, with features like local storage and up to 4K resolution.

Motion-triggered viewing and recording is aimed to preserve the camera’s battery life. However, for users requiring continuous recording, Camius has devised a solution.

Ensure the cameras remain continuously plugged into either the USB charger or solar panel. This action is essential to activate Continuous Recording Mode on the recorder’s HDMI interface under Setup >> Channel >> Wireless Camera >> Post Recording. The camera must be actively plugged in when enabling continuous mode; otherwise, it will not appear in the post recording menu.

To purchase the USB charger for the camera, click here. For the Solar Panel, click here.

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