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Reliable PoE NVR Camera Systems for Optimized Surveillance

PoE NVR camera systems from Camius deliver seamless security for commercial properties and homes through comprehensive yet easy-to-use solutions.

Plug-and-Play Convenience with our NVR Network Video Recorder

As the leading provider of best NVR camera systems, our NVR Recorders 16 and 8 channel is renowned for plug-and-play setup. Installation involves simply connecting PoE IP cameras to switch ports for automatic configurations. Whether indoors or out, businesses and homeowners benefit from immediate coverage.

Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera System For Business and Home with High-Quality Imaging and Crisp Clear Audio

Camius indoor outdoor security camera system for business and home installation records razor-sharp 2K/4K video optimized for identification and synchronized with audio. Reliable performance in all lights aids visual confirmation around the clock. Retailers, warehouses, apartments and more utilize our commercial security cameras for optimal protection needs.

Advanced Detection Functions with Precision for Proactive Security

Beyond basic monitoring, Camius NVR camera systems integrate intelligent sensing for optimized responsiveness. Motion detection analyzes zones for anomalies beyond general movement. Detecting pedestrians and vehicles separately permits focused alerts on tagged targets. Together these smart motion and AI features minimize false trips while spotlight and siren genuine threats warranting rapid response. Users receive push or email alarms alongside dedicated recording. Adjustable schedules ensure around-the-clock protection delivered through strategically placed commercial security cameras.

Ready to Upgrade Your Existing System to the Best NVR Camera System for Home or Business?

Already using coaxial wired cameras? Our IP camera NVR security system seamlessly replaces outdated analog models while reusing wiring. Users avoid reworks while attaining advanced features and image quality in an easy upgrade path.

Comprehensive Access Across All Devices

Beyond traditional live viewing, Camius PoE camera systems leverage free desktop software to transform any computer into a 24/7 security station. Live monitoring, playback and administration become portable across locations. Complementing this, the Camius View app on iOS and Android delivers camera control on any mobile device for real-time convenience even on the go. Rounding out options, web access to video/audio via all popular browsers provides flexible remote oversight anytime, anywhere. Together these multiple interfaces extend integrated security to fit any workflow or scenario.


What is a NVR security system?

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) security system is a digital surveillance solution that records and stores video footage from IP cameras. Unlike traditional DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), which process and store analog camera footage, NVRs work with IP cameras that transmit digital video streams over an IP network. Camius NVR systems, such as the Camius NVRs, are designed to handle high-resolution video and audio from IP cameras, offering advanced features like remote viewing, motion detection, video analytics, scalability.

What is better: NVR or DVR security system?

Generally, NVRs are considered better than DVRs for modern surveillance needs. NVRs support higher resolution video (such as 2K and 4K), offer easier scalability, and provide more advanced features like remote access and intelligent video analytics. Camius NVR systems, in particular, are known for their compatibility with a wide range of IP cameras, advanced recording capabilities and interfaces, making them an excellent choice for businesses and homes alike.

Camius has revolutionized this process by introducing to the market hybrid analog DVR recorders. These DVRs work not only with old-resolution analog CVBS cameras but also with analog HD (AHD), HD TVI, and CVI cameras using the existing coaxial wiring. In addition, they support adding IP cameras over the network. This Camius technology has helped thousands of home and business owners save on changing wires and enjoy the benefits of the latest 4K technology, remote access, and smart detection offered by NVR security systems.

Does an NVR need a computer?

No, an NVR does not necessarily need a separate computer to function. NVRs are standalone devices with built-in software that manages the recording, storage, and viewing of video feeds from IP cameras. Camius NVR systems are designed to operate independently, often with a user-friendly interface accessible via a web browser or dedicated software, allowing users to manage their surveillance system directly from the NVR.

Does NVR work without internet?

Yes, NVRs can work without an internet connection. The primary function of an NVR is to record and store video footage from IP cameras connected to the same local network. Internet access is typically only required for remote viewing, accessing the NVR over a mobile app, recording to cloud, sending email notifications. Camius NVR security systems function perfectly well within a local network environment, offering reliable recording and playback capabilities without the need for internet connectivity.