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Security Cameras System Software

Camius offers tools and software to expand the scope of your smart security system.

Device Config tool

A lightweight Camius device scanner and configuration editor, use it to:

  • Find and connect your Camius devices to your PC on your local network LAN
  • Change your Camius devices network settings
  • Upgrade Firmware on your Camius devices

Camius VMS Software

This program turns your PC or Mac into a surveillance station, VMS stands for Video Management System, with it you can:

  • Group all of your Camius devices and view them, even from a remote location
  • Access Device Configuration and change settings
  • Record locally onto a disk attached to your computer
  • Playback video and audio, locally and remotely.

Video Player Software

This lightweight software is used for playing video/audio files backed up from your recorder on your PC or Mac

The user has the option to back up footage from the recorder in MP4 or Camius proprietary format

Using Video Player the user can take clear screenshots, trim the important parts of the video file and play multiple files simultaneously.