How to back up recorded CCTV footage on the NVR or DVR?

The Search function provides you with the ability to search and play previously recorded audio-video footage and snapshots that are stored on your Camius DVR or NVR recorder’s hard drive. You can play videos that match your recording schedule, manual recordings, or events only. Additionally, the Backup function allows you to save important events, including both audio-video recordings and snapshots, to a USB thumb drive.

Click on the playback icon on the bottom menu bar.

Playback icon on nvr copy

The quick tool bar has icons to help you navigate through the NVR / DVR’s menu

NVR playback
  • On the Date dropdown menu, a red underline indicates days with recordings.
  • Filter the Search Type (Motion, PIR, etc) and Stream Type (Mainstream or Substream), and select the Channel to playback.
  • The 24-hour timeline will populate continuous recordings as green blocks and other event types in different colors. Clicking on the timeline jumps playback to the selected time.
  • Different types of recording are displayed using different colors
How to back up recorded CCTV footage on the NVR or DVR?

Backing up CCTV footage requires a USB thumb drive.

Backing up CCTV footage requires a USB thunb (flash) drive. On the playback search page, click on the events tab, select the date, type, and channels, and then click the Search button.

video clicp backup

1 – To save a video clip backup, insert your USB thumb drive into the Camius DVR or NVR’s USB port and start playing the recorded video. USB ports are on the front and rear panels of the DVR and NVR recorders. 

8 Channel NVR (click here to view)

IPVAULT1128PR front rear e1672439010306

8 channel DVR (click here)

TRIVAULT4K184R2 Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR for Security Cameras Analog and IP TRIVAULT4K184R2 e1691096354910

16 Channel DVR (click here)

CAMIUS Professional 4K Hybrid 16 Channel DVR with Upgradable Storage trivault4k2168r

16 Channel NVR (click here for more)

Advanced 4K 16 Camera NVR with 16 PoE Ports, 2 SATA HDD, e-SATA (only recorder)

32 Channel NVR (click here)

IPVAULT8256R front and rear panel straight

2 – Select the icon 

playback backup Clip cut icon

3 – Check the Channel(s) you want to backup and move the mouse cursor to the timeline where you want to start the clip.

4 – Press and hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the timeline where you want to end the clip. 

The clip icon

playback backup Clip cut icon

will change to an icon

playback backup SAVE icon

, which you can click to save the clip.

5 – Select one or multiple event thumbnails, click the Backup button at the bottom, choose .MP4 (recommended), then click Save

Make sure your USB thumb drive has enough space to save the video clips.

playback backup type file

6 – Select a folder on the thumb drive, and click OK. The progress bar at the bottom of the window shows you the progress of the backup.


Video Player Software

  • This lightweight software is used for playing video/audio files backed up from your recorder on your PC or Mac.
  • The user can back up footage from the recorder in MP4 or Camius proprietary format.
  • Using Video Player, the user can take clear screenshots, trim the important parts of the video file and play multiple files simultaneously.