How To Access IP camera (IP Camera How to Install Guide)

Camius offers 3 methods of IP camera connection.

You can power Camius IP camera be powered in one of three methods:

  1. (Mode 1) Connecting it into the PoE port on your Camius NVR (Recommended)
  2. (Mode 2) By connecting it to a PoE switch or a PoE injector on your network
  3. (Mode 3) Using a 12VDC 1-2A power supply

To verify that your IP camera is powered on:

  • Physical check: The Infrared LEDs around the lens illuminate faint red light in the dark while the camera is on.
  • Search Using the Device Config Tool on your PC or Mac.
  • Search Using the VMS Software on your PC or Mac.
  • Search using the Camius View App on your smartphone or tablet.

Screen Shot 2022 12 16 at 10.34.29 AM

Power IP camera using a DC power supply

If a PoE switch or a PoE injector is not used, you can power the camera using Mode 3:

Plug a UL-listed 12VDC-2AMP power supply into the DC plug on the camera wire, and make sure the
ethernet cable is used between the IP camera and the router or a switch on your local network.


mode 3 powering ip poe camera with DC

Mode 2 and Mode 3 will allow the user to access the camera directly, giving access to its native settings using the VMS software or web browser.

  • While Mode 1 (direct connection to the PoE on your NVR) will list the camera under the NVR interface, camera management can only be done on the NVR.
  • To configure audio on your Camius IP camera, make sure your IP camera is connected using Mode 2 or 3; navigate to Setup / Device / Audio for audio settings.

To quickly find the Camius IP camera’s IP address, visit to download and install the Camius Device Config Tool.

Click on the Camius NVR or DVR’s local IP or type it into your browser’s address bar. The latest Camius IP cameras work with multiple web browsers, including Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and include the following models:

If you didn’t activate the IP camera, it will need you to set a new password. We have an IP camera quick installation guide and IP camera user manual for this purpose

web browser new password setup 2023
Create a new password for your camera
IRIS8R password saved
Confirmation that the IP camera's password has been changed
Untitled 4
Access the IP camera on the web browser with your new password

Use your admin username and password to log into the IP cameras’ web interface. Your IP camera’s Configuration is under Remote Settings.

SPOT828A RB web ui image control
This screenshot is based on the SPOT828A-RB web browser interface