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Camius IP cameras, DVR, and NVR recorders of the R-series are compatible with modern web browsers.

Download and Install the Camius Device Search Tool, compatible with PC and Mac

Run Search, which will scan your local network for Camius devices

Can I access Camius's device via the browser? 11

Click on the IP address of the device, which will take you to your default browser to access the device’s interface

Camius browser IPVAULT1128PR FAQ
Can I access Camius's device via the browser? 12

If you have an older Camius device purchased a few years ago, you can use the IETAB in Chrome extensions. Additionally, Edge should still have IE compatibility mode.

image 1
Install IE Tab extension for Chrome
image 2
Enter the IP camera’s IP address in the IE tab Chrome extension

–  Optionally, you can access the camera using the Edge browser and select Internet Explorer mode.

Intenret explorer mode in Edge
Internet Explorer mode in Edge browser