How to add a Camius device to the VMS software?

After installing the VMS software, please click on the Home tab on the left and then on Home >> Device Management (Picture 1)

VMS device amanagement
Picture 1

Option 1: If your device is in the same LAN (Local Area Network)

Click on the Auto Search tab and search for devices if you are in the same LAN (Local Area Network), as shown in Picture 2. Select the device, click Add, and insert the device’s username and password.

Navigate to the Home tab >> Main View, and expand ‘root’ on the left sidebar. 

Click and drag your device into any blank rectangle, which should display all the available channels. 

Option 2: If you are accessing the device remotely

If you are accessing the VMS / VMS Pro remotely (not in the same LAN), then navigate to the Home tab >> Device Management >> All Equipment. If devices were added successfully, they would be displayed here.

To add a new device remotely, click the icon + on the right top (Picture 3), which will open the Add Device‘ dialog

VMS add a device using ID P2P
Picture 3

Select the ID in the Login Type tab and enter P2P ID in the ID tab and click ‘Add‘ (picture 4)

VMS add ID P2P
Picture 4

You will see the added devices once you open the ‘Device Management’ tab (Picture 5). The green box under the ‘Status‘ column means your device is connected properly.

Picture 5

How to control your Camius device settings remotely

Once you have added the NVR to the VMS pro software, you can access it remotely from anywhere. Just make sure to add it using the P2P ID and not the local IP address, as shown in the following screenshots. Basically, you are accessing the NVR’s remote settings from the VMS software without a browser.
Once you are in Remote Setting, you can manage the NVR and control its settings.

VMS device management
Click the gear icon under Operation to access Remote Setting
Remote settings direct from the VMS software
You can access your Camius DVR, NVR or IP camera Remote Setting directly within the VMS Software on your Windows PC or Mac