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How to enable Human & Vehicle Detection with push notifications?

AI detection, including Human & Vehicle, is available to certain Camius IP cameras. If the camera has the feature, it will be available in the NVR’s settings.

To have playback of events for which you receive notifications triggered by Human & Vehicle detection (PD & VD) in AI mode, make sure you have the latest version of the Camius View App and follow the below steps (the below pictures are based on the recorder’s user interface when it’s connected to a monitor via HDMI or VGA video output.

Note you can enable Human&Vehicle Detection detection by checking the Switch checkbox or enabling it in the AI Setup Schedule. If AI Schedule is enabled, then all AI functions can not be turned off using the Switch checkbox, but you can configure such AI parameters as a type of detection, sensitivity, and more under the gear icon in the Setup column.

Important: AI functions are mutually exclusive and cannot be turned on simultaneously, which will be limited to the NVR’s interface. For example, when you turn on FD using the checkbox, the PD&VD’s checkbox grey out and can’t be checked.

  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom left, click the main menu button, and then click Setup >> AI >> Setup >> PD & VD (Human & Vehicle Detection) >> tick the Switch checkbox (Picture 1).
IPVAULT1128PR Enable Human vehicle in setup
Picture 1
  • Navigate to the Schedule in the same menu to set recording. Select the PD & VD red button on the right and then click and drag in the cells to pick hours and days to turn to green color. Repeat for each channel you wish to enable this detection (Pictures 2 and 3).
IPVAULT1128PR Schedule Human vehicle
Picture 2
IPVAULT1128PR Schedule Human vehicle enable
Picture 3

Navigate to the Alarm in the menu and make sure to ‘Record.’ Here you can also select some other alarms. For example, if you like ‘Send email‘ or ‘Cloud‘ as alarms, you need to configure Email and Cloud settings.

How to enable Human & Vehicle Detection with push notifications? 11

On your Camius View app, under Push Notifications, tap the gear icon on the top right, which takes you to Push Setup, select your NVR so the toggle is turned green, and tap on the gear icon next to the toggle, which takes you to the page ‘Subscribe.

Here you can select the type of notifications and channels

Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive push notifications with recordings. Note that Camius systems always have 5sec pre-recording as default to any event.

Camius View AI Vehicle notifications
How to enable Human & Vehicle Detection with push notifications? 12