Camius 4K Vandalproof Dome Power Over Ethernet Camera with 2 Way AudioCamius 4K Vandalproof Dome Power Over Ethernet Camera with 2 Way Audio
4K Vandalproof Dome Power Over Ethernet Camera with 2 Way Audio
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4K Vandalproof Dome Power Over Ethernet Camera with 2 Way Audio



The Camius GuardVR4K is a new 4K PoE dome camera that is designed to provide superior surveillance solutions. It is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings, thanks to its dynamic deterrence features and flexible recording options. The camera provides crystal-clear 4K video at a smooth rate of 20 frames per second and an adjustable bitrate. It integrates seamlessly with Camius NVR and hybrid DVR (XVR) recorders, enabling you to view, manage, and record footage effortlessly. You can access the Power over Ethernet camera remotely via a web browser, the Camius View smartphone app, or Camius Desktop Software. The 2-way audio security camera boasts precision detection capabilities for motion, sound, human presence, and vehicles. The camera is equipped with a blue and red light and a loud alarm to deter unwanted visitors. You can schedule the feature to activate at specific times, triggered by motion detection, or you can manually turn it on from your phone at any time for added security.

What’s included:

  • 4K PoE dome camera (model: GUARDVR4K)
  • Set of screws’ and hex key
  • Drilling template
  • Weatherproof RJ45 couple
  • Camera guide

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The Ultimate 4K Power Over Ethernet Security Camera for Your Surveillance Needs

Imagine having a 4K PoE power over Ethernet camera that can capture every detail of your surroundings, alert you of any suspicious activity, and scare away intruders with a loud siren and flashing lights. That’s what the Camius GuardVR4K can do for you. This 4K PoE camera is the latest addition to the Camius family of security products, offering a high-performance and versatile solution for your home or business. Whether you want to monitor your front door, backyard, warehouse, store, or office, the Camius GuardVR4K can handle it all. It connects easily to any Camius NVR or hybrid DVR recorder, allowing you to view and record stunning 4K video at 20 fps. You can also access the camera remotely from your smartphone, computer, or web browser and enjoy features like 2-way audio, smart detection, and deterrence. The Camius GuardVR4K is more than just a power over ethernet camera. It is your ultimate security partner.

Camius 4k power over etherent security camera vandalproof weatherproof active deterrent 2 way audio security camera

Effortless Installation of 4K IP Camera with the Camius NVR Camera System

Adding 4K IP camera is a breeze to install with PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. Simply use an Ethernet cable for quick setup and say goodbye to messy power cords. The power over ethernet camera receives power and data through the same cable, making installation easy and hassle-free. With Camius PoE NVR, it is a plug-and-play setup without the need for a separate PoE switch. When you add the NVR camera system to the Camius hybrid 8 or 16 channel DVR or Camius 32 channel NVR, the recorder automatically detects it for easy setup.

2256PR 16 channel NVR and GuardVR4K diagramm connection premium A 1464 x 600 scaled

4K Crystal-Clear Video

Camius’ 4K dome security camera delivers 4K UHD recording, capturing more than 8 million pixels at 20 fps for exceptional detail. Its wide, 110-degree lens is ideal for recognizing facial features. Experience seamless streaming of all 8 million pixels at an optimal 16 Mbps bitrate.

GUARDVR4K Record Encode mainstream 256 to 16K 16385 2024 01 17 131231

4K Dome Camera with the latest compression technology

Camius 4K vandal-proof dome camera is used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. It supports advanced video compression standards such as H.264+, H.265, and H.265+, optimizing footage for clarity, storage, and network efficiency. With H.265, superior video quality is paired with reduced file sizes.

4K Dome Camera with the latest compression technology

Active Deterrence

Camius 4K IP camera is a key deterrent with adjustable white, red, and blue lights that activate on detection. The dome camera’s bright illumination discourages crime. Control the lights via the Camius View app, with features like a warning light. Schedule the deterrence lights and siren as needed. It provides clear video in the darkness for object identification.

Night Vision Security Camera

Camius’ 4K Security Camera features strong IR LEDs with a reach of up to 65ft. Activating color mode in the settings yields vivid night-vision footage in ambient light. Its Smart Infrared and sophisticated image processing provide comprehensive coverage, regardless of the object’s distance.

Smart Motion and Sound Detection

Camius provides intelligent motion detection with its latest recorders, triggering recordings, lights, sirens, emails, FTP and cloud backups, and push notifications. Users can schedule motion detection and select alarm-triggering areas. Push notifications can be enabled on smartphones. In addition to video motion detection, Camius IP cameras support sound detection.

Camius motion detection security camera 4k ip camera IPVAULT2256pr and GuardVR4K

Residential and Business Surveillance Cameras with Advanced Image Customization for the Perfect Footage

Camius’ 4K security cameras feature advanced settings for image control. With a fixed lens, they provide precise coverage without manual adjustments. The Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR) mode enhances image quality, capturing details in shadows and highlights. They also support mirror mode with adjustable shutter speed, ensuring consistent and balanced lighting in every scene.

Power over Ethernet Camera: Camius GuardVR4K

Dome Camera with Enhanced Coverage

Camius super wide-angle security cameras feature a 2.8mm lens that captures a broad 110-degree view. The wide-angle lens overcomes narrow-angle constraints, covering more area and reducing blind spots. With Camius dome camera, secure your entire perimeter using fewer cameras.

shop inside view
Vandalproof Camera
4K vandalproof and weatherproof dome camera with white, blue and red lights, mic , speaker, siren

Camius dome cameras are designed with robustness in mind, boasting an IK10 vandal-proof rating, the highest level of protection against impact and vandalism. This makes them ideal for high-risk areas. Additionally, they carry an IP67 weatherproof rating, indicating dust and water resistance. These features ensure reliable performance in various challenging environments, making Camius dome cameras a dependable choice for comprehensive security.

2 Way Audio Security Camera: Enhanced Communication
Camius 2 Way Audio Security Camera: Enhanced Communication

Camius Dome security cameras with audio monitoring and recording provide added detection and security. Monitor audio around the camera with the built-in microphone and communicate through the built-in speaker. Enjoy two-way communication between your smartphone and visitors under the camera. Enable or disable audio on the camera settings page or directly from the latest Camius NVR or DVR, which will sync seamlessly with video footage.

How to use 2 way audio security cameras?​
Camius 4K security camera with 2 way audio using Camius View smartphone app

Free Recording: No Subscription Fees!

How to back up recorded CCTV footage on the NVR or DVR?
How to back up recorded CCTV footage on the NVR or DVR?

The Dome Security Camera provides onboard storage through a microSD card. However, for high-capacity storage ranging from 4TB to 16TB, we suggest using the Camius DVR or NVR. Easily access your recordings via the IP camera web client or Camius View App, without any subscription fees. Camius offers 8, 16, or 32-channel NVR network video recorders and 12, 24 channel hybrid DVR recorders for easy centralized recording and management.

Advanced AI Detection: Stay Informed!

Camius’ 4K PoE camera features Intelligent Detection powered by AI analysis. Beyond video motion detection, create custom zones to detect movement patterns and specific locations. Enjoy push notifications and special color-tagged video recordings. Activate AI detection options like Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD), Line Crossing (LCD), Cross Counting (CC), and more. Enable AI detections and receive push notifications on your mobile app for seamless monitoring.

Camius 4K NVR camera system with ai human vehicle detection
Search for events using Camius NVR

Free IP Camera Software: Easy Surveillance

Transform your desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station with our free IP camera software. Access your IP camera effortlessly through any modern web browser.

Web browser compatible

 Access your IP camera effortlessly through any modern web browser.

Camius browser
Web browser access (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Forefox)
Camius View App: Access Anywhere

The Camius View smartphone security camera app lets you stay connected to your cameras from anywhere. Available on iOS and Android app stores, it seamlessly links to your security cameras: view and playback footage from any Camius security camera on your smartphone. Even remotely activate spotlights for added deterrence. Check out our guide on how to add the Camius IP camera to the app.

Camius View is the smartphone app to view & control your DVR, NVR, and IP security cameras for home and business - what is IP camera
Camius View app for iPhone, iPad, Android
After setting up the recording schedule, you will receive push notifications through the Camius View smartphone app and be able to access the recorded events.
Push Notifications

What's included:

  • 4K PoE Dome Camera (model: GUARDVR4K)
  • Mounting kit
  • Waterproof lid
  • Mounting template
  • IP camera quick setup guide

note: Micro SD card is not included 

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 4 in


Camera Type




Camera Resolution

3840×2160 (4K)

Camera Shape


Camera Lens


Field of View


Camera Built-in SD Card Slot

Yes (SD card is not included)

With Audio


Camera Built-in Microphone


Camera Built-in Speaker


Camera Built-in Siren


Night Vision


Camera Color Night Vision

Yes (in ambient light conditions)

Camera Reset

On-Camera Reset Button

Camera Weatherproof IP Rating

IP66 water and dust proof

Camera Power over Ethernet


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Browser Access


Mac Software


PC Software




Camera Video Analysis

Face Detection (FD), Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD) and more in addition to Heat Map (note, this features may not availbale for 3rd party devices)

Smartphone Push Notifications