Camius 4K Hybrid 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Hard Drive 4TB (new release) I TRIVAULT4K184R2Camius 4K Hybrid 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Hard Drive 4TB (new release) I TRIVAULT4K184R2
4K Hybrid 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Hard Drive 4TB – TRIVAULT4K184R2
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4K Hybrid 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Hard Drive 4TB – TRIVAULT4K184R2



Camius business and home security DVR is the latest digital video recorder designed to work with analog cameras over existing coaxial cables and power sources such as CVI, TVI, AHD, or CVBS. In addition, it works with IP cameras too. Audio processing and Intelligent Detection are also supported, in addition to remote app access and management. Camius Security DVR works with 8 (eight) analog and 4 IP security cameras. It allows viewing and recording up to 12 HD (high definition) security cameras. The security  8 channel DVR supports H.264 and H.265 video and G711a audio compression.

What’s included

  • 8 Channel DVR 4TB HDD (Model: Trivault4K184R2 4TB HDD)
  • Power supply, HDMI, Network cable, USB mouse, installation guide, and screws for the security digital video recorder’s chassis.
  • Note: Doesn’t include cameras

In stock

Camius’ latest 4K digital video recorder for business and home security has improved IP camera recording bandwidth and includes AI detection functions.  This 4K 8 Channel DVR, like all other Camius hybrid surveillance recorders, is designed to work with CVBS, AHD, CVI, and TVI cameras over existing coaxial cables and power sources. In addition, it works with HD IP cameras too. 

TRIVAULT4K184R2 Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR for Security Cameras Analog and IP TRIVAULT4K184R2 1 e1676750588459

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Camius Security DVR accepts up to 8 (eight) analog and 4 IP security cameras. You can view and record up to 12 HD high-definition security cameras. The security 8-channel DVR supports not only H.264 but the latest H.265 video and audio compression.

trivault4k184r2 connection diagramm 1 2

Why choose the Camius Best Hybrid Security Camera DVR?

  • Analog Camera DVR recorders by Camius offer an advanced menu with AI functions and 4K analog cameras recording at 10 frames
TRIVAUTL4K184R2 main menu setup 1
  • The hybrid digital video recorder accepts 8 Analog Video Channels (BNC) + 4 Channel IP (over the network)
TRIVAULT4K184R2 analog cahnnels selected 1 e1680423762804
All 8 analog channels are enabled
  • Analog channels to be converted into IP. You can add up to 12 HD IP cameras to the security DVR recorder if all eight analog channels are not in use (disabled)
  • The DVR’s IP camera recording bandwidth can be increased from 32Mbps to 96Mbps by disabling a single analog channel, increasing bandwidth by 8Mbps. 
  • Follow this guide on how to add IP cameras to Camius DVR.
  • IP channels default 32Mbps bandwidth.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 IP channels default 32mbls bandwidth with all 8 analog channels enabled
  • All 8 analog channels are disabled, which increased the IP channels bandwidth to 96Mbps.

  • Works in various modes as a security DVR or hybrid XVR (allowing to add of not only analog but IP channels to the recorder as a network video recorder)
TRIVAULT4K184R2 XVR MODE e1680423941367

Analog Cameras for Camius 8 Channel DVR

4K DVR works with analog CVBS, AHD, CVI, and TVI cameras up to 8-Megapixels resolution (click here for the analog security cameras).

Camius 2K ad 4K IP cameras installed with this digital video recorder deliver all advanced features such as smart motion intelligent sound, PIR detection with deterrence, and AI functions. Other manufacturers’ cameras’ functions may be limited to basic features.

FB4kaoc and 4k184R2 connection e1676751869438

4K DVR for Security cameras with Expandable Storage & the Latest Audio Video Compression

Camius Business and Home Security DVR fit one internal SATA 3.5,” and even 2.5″ SSD Hard drive up to 10TB. You will see not only the condition of your hard drive but how many hours of recording you have and how much of it has been used.

The S.M.A.R.T. feature evaluates your DVR recorder’s hard drive disk, displaying any errors. You can also add network-attached storage (NAS) using the ‘NetHDD’ feature.

Follow this guide on how to check your hard drive’s health and format it.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 disk overwrite

8 Channel DVR with a 4K HDMI Video Output

Camius 4K 8 Channel DVR comes with 3 video outputs to add a monitor/TV for live view

  • 1 x HDMI output which supports 4K video 3840×2160
  • 1 x VGA output that supports 1080P video (1920×1080)
  • 1 x CVBS (or BNC) for Spot-out monitor to call out certain camera
4K184R2 video inouts 1000 1

While in ‘Wizard Setup’ mode, choose an output resolution that matches your monitor. The DVR should adjust the output resolution automatically to match the best resolution of your monitor at the system startup.  Follow this guide on how to adjust the monitor’s resolution

Resolution resolution range1080p to 4K

Camius DVR recorders have a feature that enables a Spot monitor for security cameras through a CVBS video output. A spot monitor function can display a live video feed of one or more security cameras on a secondary TV monitor continuously linked to a DVR. This feature does not disrupt the live camera display on the spot monitor if you use the recorder’s primary monitor to access the menu system. Follow this how-to guide about Spot monitor settings

Spot Monitor for IP Cameras on Camius 16 and 32 Channel NVR

Smart Motion Detection

You can enable Smart Motion Detection to trigger recording video based on sensitivity to movement. Moreover, Camius DVRs allow you to select the target between motion, vehicle, pedestrian, or vehicle & pedestrian. You can set up a motion detection area and select your Camius analog and IP camera recording schedule.

Trivault4k184R2 smart motion e1680423302918

Intelligent Detection

Camius business and home security DVR offers Intelligent Detection using innovative analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing users to create zones to detect movement patterns, location, etc. Intelligent Detection will trigger push notifications in addition to video recording in a particular color and tag. Camius 4K analog cameras (FB4KAOC) offer Sound Detection, Video Tampering detection in Intelligent mode.

Camius 4K dvr with sound detection
Sound Detection with Camius 4K analog and IP cameras
Trivault4k184R2 Intelligent video tampering with analog cameras e1680423162643
You can easily activate Video Tampering Detection in Intelligent Mode for Camius analog cameras and select the alarm types

Detection powered with AI Artificial Intelligence

For AI detection, add Camius analog and IP cameras to the Digital Video Recorder. You can select Human & Vehicle, Perimeter Intrusion, or Line Crossing Detection with alarms and customized schedules. 

Camius IP cameras (BOLTX536R, IRIS528R, SPOT828A-R) offer Cross Counting as well.



The DVR recorder has 8 (eight) wired audio inputs and 1 Output (RCA). Also, the recorder comes with eight wired alarm inputs and one output in addition to the RS485 port.


The DVR recorder supports multiple network protocols, including DHCP, PPPoE, UPNP, RTSP, etc. You can use a built-in P2P code to access the DVR remotely to enable on-demand. You can also use DDNS port forwarding the remote monitoring purpose. 

TRIVAULT4K184R2 port configuration P2P switch

Email Notifications

You can set up email notifications and customize your schedule. Here is a detailed guide on configuring your Camius DVR’s email settings.


User Management

A Camius surveillance DVR allows the owner to set up multiple users and specify their permissions and settings. This way, security is enhanced since each user cannot access what the DVR offers. You could, for example, give specific users access to everything while limiting others only to live view, video playback, and PTZ control. Follow this guide on how to add users to the DVR.

TRIVAULT4K184R2 multi user 32
TRIVAULT4K184R2 user permissions edit

Camius DVRs compatible with PC, Mac, web browser and smartphone devices

Monitor your system remotely from anywhere globally using a built-in P2P (peer-to-peer) service or static IP / DDNS with port forwarding. View and control your Camius system with free video management software designed for PC and Mac users and the Camius View phone app for iOS and Android devices.

On how to add the 4K DVR to your smartphone app, click here


VMS AND APPS 362px x 453px min e1680475507474

Camius DVR digital video recorders support multiple web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. This compatibility allows users to access their Camius DVR system using any web browser of their choice without the need for any additional software installation. The web-based interface provides an intuitive user experience with easy-to-use controls for live viewing, playback, and configuration. With Camius DVR’s browser compatibility, users can conveniently access and manage their surveillance system from anywhere, using any internet-used device.

camius web browser grey color screen web scaled


  • Included power supply 12VDC / 2A (we recommend using Camius DVR’s original power supply for full functionality and safety)
  • Dimensions 12 x 9 x 2” / 300 x 227 x 53mm
  • Net Weight: 2.5lb (with hard drive) / Gross weight: 4.3lb (with packaging)
  • Order model # Trivault4K184R2 4TB HDD
  • Sold without cameras

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Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions18 × 13 × 11 in
Recorder Analog Channels


Recorder IP Channels


Recorder Total Bandwidth

Recording IP camera bandwidth 32Mbps ~ 96Mbps (a single disabled analog channel will increase bandwidth by 8Mbps allowing analog channels to be converted into IP)

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Recorder Email Alerts


Recorder Ethernet Port


Recorder HDMI Cable


Recorder Mouse


Recorder Power


Recorder Spot Output

Programmable Spot monitor output that can be activated on its CVBS (BNC) port that display a customized screen with specific cameras in static or sequence modes

Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder Video Output


Recorder Video Compression


Recorder Type

Hybrid DVR for Analog and IP cameras

Recorder Bitrate


PC Software


Mac Software


Browser Access


iOS App

Camius View

Android App

Camius View

Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder SMART HDD Check


Recorder Storage Capacity

max. 10TB

Recorder Wired Alarm I/O


Recorder Wired Audio I/O




Recorder ONVIF Compliant


Recorder PTZ RS485 Port