Setting Up Email Notifications on Security DVR, NVR, IP camera: A Comprehensive Guide


The Camius security NVR, DVR recorders, and IP cameras have an email notifications feature informing you of suspicious activities. With this feature, you can set up the system to send email alerts to your designated email address whenever motion is detected or an alarm is triggered. This ensures you are notified in real-time, allowing you to take necessary actions. The email notifications feature is particularly useful when you are away from your property and want to stay informed about potential security breaches. Knowing that you will be immediately alerted to any unauthorized access or movement within your property gives you peace of mind. This feature is easy to set up and can be configured to suit your specific needs.

Email alerts are available for Camius IP cameras, DVRs, and NVR systems to notify you of real-time motion, sound, and PIR detection events. Furthermore, Camius security camera systems send email alerts when your recorder’s hard drive has an error, or the camera is disconnected.

Also, you can set up your system to send emails triggered by AI events like human and vehicle, perimeter intrusion or line crossing detection, and cross counting.

Steps to configure email notifications

On the NVR or DVR interface, move the mouse cursor to the bottom left, click the main menu button, and then click Setup.  Setting up Email is under Setup >> Network; if you have your Email server, use the correct port, encryption, server, and credentials (Pictures 1).

If you are using the Camius IP cameras as a standalone security camera solution, access the IP cameras web browser view by following the menu: Remote Setting >> Network >> Email >> Email Configuration (Picture 2)

Picture 1: Camius DVR/NVR menu  using HDMI interface


Picture 2: Camius Spot828A-R web browser interface (applicable to all other Camius IP cameras)

SPOT828A R Network Email

  • You can also use Google’s Gmail SMTP server: , Encryption set to TLS, with port: 587. 
  • On your sending Gmail account page, activate 2-step verification, and then on the same Security page, create a new App Password, and choose custom for the Name. You can name it something like DVR. 
  • Use this App Password instead of the Gmail password on your recorder’s Setup >> Network >> Email.
  • In the Username tab, enter your Email address, and in the Password tab, use the App password created by the Google security page in the email setup password file.
  • Add up to 3 email recipients in the Receiver 1, Receiver 2, and Receiver 3 tabs.
  • Click the ‘Test‘ button t verify settings before saving
  • Upon successful testing, click the Save button
  • Email scheduling is enabled by default in the NVR and DVR recorders, which you can modify based on your requirement (picture 3)

Picture 3: NVR/DVR menu  using HDMI interface


  • In the IP camera settings email schedule is controlled by the Event Detection schedule, as shown in Picture 4

Picture 4: Spot828a-R web browser interface 

SPOT828A R Event alarm sound detection shedule

Helpful resources for app-specific passwords related to email notifications

  • After enabling 2-step authentication, you should see a tab for application-specific passwords on the same Gmail account’s security page; if not, please check this link.
  • Click here for the answer regarding this process from the Gmail support team.