8 4K Analog Surveillance Cameras with DVR 8 Channel
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8 4K Analog Surveillance Cameras with DVR 8 Channel



Experience a seamless transition to 4K technology and smart features with the Camius 8 Channel DVR Camera System. Ideal for upgrading from older or lower-quality analog CCTV systems, this comprehensive solution utilizes existing coaxial wiring, eliminating the need for rewiring. With a powerful 4K analog DVR and a combination of vandal-proof dome and outdoor bullet cameras, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear imagery and wide-angle views ranging from 91 to 110 degrees. Night vision capabilities ensure round-the-clock surveillance, while smart detection, managed by the DVR, minimizes false alarms for precise monitoring. Whether you opt for the 3TB or 4TB hard drive option, rest assured that your footage will be securely stored, providing 24/7 peace of mind. Plus, with its compatibility across all devices and the flexibility to operate with or without internet connectivity, the Camius system offers unparalleled convenience and reliability for your security needs.

Upgrade to 4K Analog Surveillance Cameras with DVR and High Recording Storage Capacity

Are you ready to take your security system to the next level without breaking the bank? Discover the power of Camius’ new 4K analog surveillance cameras with DVR that are designed for both business and home security. This system boasts a hybrid 4K 8 channel analog DVR capable of recording high-quality video from up to 12 cameras: 8 BNC and 4 IP.

But that’s not all. It comes with a built-in 4TB hard drive, providing ample space for long-term footage storage. Plus, with the free Camius app, you can access your video anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

And the icing on the cake? You’ll also receive 4 vandal-proof 4K BNC dome cameras and 4 outdoor 4K bullet cameras. Now that’s what we call an awesome deal! Upgrade today and experience the Camius difference.

Camius Upgrade to 4K Analog Surveillance Cameras with DVR and High Recording Storage Capacity

Choosing the best security cameras and DVR for your home and business

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology to loyal customers seeking personal and commercial property protection. We prioritize compatibility, cost effectiveness, and user-friendliness, making installing and using our surveillance systems easy for installers and property owners. Trust in our expertise to offer you the best security cameras and DVRs that meet modern surveillance needs without requiring specialized knowledge.

Enjoy high-quality 4K video, clear audio, and a user-friendly interface suitable for non-tech-savvy users. Enhanced features like smart motion, human detection, vehicle detection, and remote access are included. Shop now and secure your property with Camius!


Hybrid Analog DVR for Analog and Digital Cameras

Upgrade your security system effortlessly with the Camius analog DVR camera system. Designed to work seamlessly with your existing coaxial wiring, replacing old cameras and recorders is a breeze. Experience 4K resolution and smart motion detection with 8 ultra-HD cameras. Monitor large areas with the wide-angle vandal-proof dome camera, while the IP66 weatherproof bullet camera ensures durability. Expand your system with Camius PoE IP cameras, that have built-in microphones and spotlight cameras with active deterrence. Upgrade to Camius for the future of security today!

Camius TRIVAULT4K184R2 record encode mainstream

Get the Best DVR Security System with Free Remote Access

While you can use your Camius analog CCTV camera system as a standalone offline system, you can also monitor your home or business remotely using the free Camius app and Camius DVR desktop software. The Camius security camera systems are web browser-compatibleYou can access your surveillance security cameras remotely using a peer-to-peer connection or setup an easy-to-remember hostname using the DDNS server. You can view live video, playback recorded footage, receive alerts, take snapshots, record videos, etc. 

Web browser compatible - Camius
  • TRIVAULT4K184R2 DVR: A powerful 8-channel DVR with a choice between 3TB and 4TB hard drive options, ensuring ample storage for your surveillance footage.

  • 4x FD4KATC2 4K Analog Dome Cameras: These vandal-proof dome cameras deliver stunning 4K resolution and wide-angle views, perfect for indoor surveillance.

  • 4x FB4KAOC 4K Analog Bullet Cameras: Equipped for outdoor use, these 4K bullet cameras offer superior clarity and reliability, even in challenging environments.

  • Accessories: Includes essential accessories such as the DVR’s power adapter, HDMI cable, network cable, USB mouse, and installation guide

Please note that camera cables, power supplies, and splitters are not included and can be purchased separately.

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The best practices include regular cleaning of the DVR fans, check for proper airflow, avoid blocking vents, monitor fan performance. Visit this guide for more detailed steps to lengthen your security system’s life

The Camius 4K  DVR has 3 video outputs that allow you to connect a monitor or TV for live viewing. It includes a 4K HDMI output with a video resolution of 3840×2160, a VGA output that supports 1080P video (1920×1080), and a CVBS (or BNC) output for a SPOT monitor to call out specific cameras. We have a detailed guide available at this link


Camius Trivault DVR recorders are designed to support analog security cameras via coaxial wiring and IP cameras over the network. To add an IP camera to the Camius DVR, you’d need to add PoE cameras to your local network. Then, connect a regular network or PoE switch to the LAN port of the Camius DVR. Adding Camius IP cameras is super easy due to their full compatibility and functionality. Follow this guide for the detailed steps

Camius DVR camera systems offer advanced features, among them “user management’. You can add multiple users with certain permissions, such as viewing live footage, backup recording, remote access, etc. Click HERE for a detailed guide on how to add a user

We got you if you forgot your Camius DVR or NVR recorder’s password. The NVR comes with a reset button, which allows you to reset the password and set a new one. For the full guide, click here



Email alerts are available to notify you of real-time motion, sound-triggered events, if the camera gets disconnected, etc. Also, you can set up your system to send emails triggered by AI events like human and vehicle detection. For the steps to configure IP cameras, DVR, and NVR email notification settings, follow this detailed guide

If the analog security camera is not showing up on the screen with the message ‘video loss,’ there are steps to troubleshoot the issue. These steps are related to checking the wires, power supplies, BNC connectors, etc. You can find the full guide to troubleshooting this issue HERE. This guide has helped many customers resolve the issue easily


You can configure the security DVR using the web browser. You can also view the Camius DVR camera system using a web browser locally or remotely (for remote access, use either VMS desktop software or setup DDNS). Click here for more information

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4K Analog Cameras

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Hybrid DVR for Analog and IP cameras

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