How to change your DVR and NVR password and add a user

You can update the ‘admin’ password by clicking the ‘User Edit’ button. You will need the admin’s current password to authenticate the new password.

User management admin edit

Camius NVR and DVR recorder have an advanced user management feature to add multiple users to the system and control their permissions. System administration (admin) can add users, edit their permissions and delete them.

Navigate to the Main Menu in the bottom left corner, select System >> Multi-User (picture 1)

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Picture 1

How to add a user to Camius NVR or DVR recorder 6

Click on the Edit icon in the User Edit column and select Enable‘ in the User Enable tab. You can change the User Name or keep it as ‘user1‘. Create the new user password, confirm it, and click on the ‘Save‘ tab (pictures 2 and 3)

VID 20221101 15.06.15Picture 2

VID 20221101 15.06.41Picture 3

Then click the gear icon in the last Permission column to open the User Permission dialogue. Select (tick checkbox) the permissions you wish to grant to the new user. Click Save (picture 4)

VID 20221101 15.07.07Picture 4