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Camius 16 Channel DVR Recorders: Maximize Security for Your Business

Are you in search of a reliable and comprehensive security camera system for business? Look no further than Camius security DVR recorders. With advanced features and seamless configuration, Camius offers the ultimate protection for residential and commercial establishments.

Unmatched Storage and Connectivity of Camius Security CCTV System

Camius 16 camera security CCTV system recorder provides ample storage capacity, which can be expanded up to an impressive 42 terabytes. This ensures that you can store and access your surveillance footage without worrying about running out of space. Additionally, the DVR recorder supports five types of connections, including 16 analog CVBS AHD TVI CVI cameras, as well as 8 IP cameras. This versatility sets Camius apart from the other CCTV manufacturers or security cameras distributors.

Seamless Integration and Hybrid Capability of Camius 16 Channel Security DVR

Camius ultra HD hybrid 16 channel security DVR recorders are engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing BNC coaxial cables and power sources. The DVR converts all analog channels to IP, making it compatible with both analog and IP cameras. It also supports up to 24 IP network cameras, when analog camera channels are not employed, providing a versatile and scalable surveillance solution for securing your home or business.

Camius 16 Channel DVR Recorders: Advanced Features That Make a Difference

These include 4K video, audio processing, easy CCTV footage backup, 24/7  recording, and intelligent detection. With remote app access and management, you can conveniently monitor your business’s security from anywhere, at any time.

Mobile CCTV Camera App & Security Camera Recorder Software for Remote Monitoring

Monitor your home and business security remotely with Camius View mobile CCTV camera app, allowing you to access live footage from anywhere at any time. In addition view live, manage, check CCTV camera recorded footage using Camius security camera recorder software. Moreover, access your Camius security DVR using a web browser app that works with Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari

Camius DVR Security Camera System for Business with Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Cameras by a NDAA compliant security system provider

We, Camius, deliver the most advanced and comprehensive security solution available on the market. Your business’s safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. If you’re seeking a hassle-free and all-encompassing security solution, Camius offers ready-to-use 16 channel DVR camera bundles. These bundles feature the latest 4K 16 channel security DVR along with 4K outdoor surveillance cameras. With Camius, upgrading your existing low-resolution coaxial security system to a high-quality solution has never been simpler. Rest assured that with Camius, you’ll receive top-of-the-line security that will effectively safeguard your home or business.