Camius 16 2K Outdoor Cameras Surveillance System with 16 Channel NVR
High-Bandwidth 16 Channel NVR Surveillance System with 2K Outdoor Cameras
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High-Bandwidth 16 Channel NVR Surveillance System with 2K Outdoor Cameras

Original price was: $1,899.00.Current price is: $1,599.00.


The Camius 16 Outdoor Camera Surveillance NVR system provides super HD 2K video and audio, featuring AI-powered human and vehicle detection, cross-counting detection, and analytics. The 16-channel NVR offers high recording bandwidth options (320 or 256 Mbps) and supports up to 42 TB of storage for extensive footage retention, meeting all business security needs.

Camius 16 Outdoor Cameras Security NVR system delivers super HD 2K video and audio in addition to motion, sound, human & vehicle detection, perimeter intrusion detection, and more in AI mode with analytics and reports. In addition, the 16 Channel NVR with the highest recording bandwidth will satisfy any business owner’s security requirements. You can add up to 42 terabytes of internal and external storage to this advanced NVR surveillance system for weeks or months of recorded footage.

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Plug and Play Power-over-Ethernet Security Camera System

The 16 Channel NVR has a 16-port built-in power-over-ethernet interface that makes the surveillance camera installation easy and fast. In addition, the network video recorder assigns a unique IP address to Camius IP cameras. As a result, users do not require a complicated camera configuration.

Advanced NVR (Network Video Recorder) and IP Cameras

The 16 Channel NVR has a 16-port built-in power-over-ethernet interface that makes the surveillance camera installation easy and fast. In addition, the network video recorder assigns a unique IP address to Camius IP cameras. As a result, users do not require a complicated camera configuration.

Outdoor Security cameras for Business Surveillance with 24/7 Recording

It boasts 2K video quality with a resolution of 2880 (H) x 1620 (V), and it captures 30 frames per second with the help of a 1/2.7” Progressive CMOS Image Sensor. It’s 3.6mm lens provides a wide field of view, with a horizontal 91°, vertical 46°, and diagonal 110° angle. The camera’s sturdy white metal enclosure makes it suitable for outdoor use and helps it withstand harsh weather conditions. Overall, the Camius 5MP PoE camera offers a range of advanced features, making it an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality outdoor surveillance solutions.

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4K 16 Channel Surveillance NVR with the Highest Bandwidth

The Surveillance NVR from Camius is a commercial-grade security camera system, supporting 4K capabilities and high recording bandwidth, providing smooth and uninterrupted recording for businesses of all sizes. You can select the NVR either with 256 or 320 mbps (megabits per second) of recording bandwidth, accommodating stunning 4K resolution footage for all connected cameras. The advanced network video recorder supports both internal and external hard drives for extended recording capacities, making it an ideal choice for business surveillance.

IPVAULT2320PR SPOT82A RB network info bandwidth web
IPVAULT2320PR: Web Interface

Security System with expandable storage without subscription fees

If you’re a business owner like a retail store or a restaurant looking for a security camera system, you’ll want to ensure enough storage to save your footage. The Camius NVR can hold two internal hard drives, each with a capacity of up to 14 Terabytes. If you need even more storage, the NVR also has an external e-Sata port you can use. In addition, you can backup your footage to the cloud with Dropbox or Google Drive.

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NVR system with 4K Display Video Output

The Camius 4K 16 Channel NVR features three video outputs for connecting a monitor or TV for live viewing: two HDMI outputs (4K and 1080P) and a VGA output (1080P). In addition to the main monitor, you can add a spot monitor using the HDMI2 output.


Camius Wired Camera Security System For Business With 24/7 Recording For Months With Expandable Storage

The Camius Wired Camera Security System offers robust, 24/7 continuous recording, with customizable options to suit your needs. You can configure the system for continuous (normal), scheduled, or motion-triggered recording. Out of the box, the NVR is set to record 24/7 by default. For setting up motion-triggered recording, please refer to the following guide. The system also supports expandable storage, allowing for months of footage retention.


2320PR SPOT828A RB Record Record Schedule

Super HD 5 Megapixels Security Camera with Audio

Camius PoE cameras record super HD 2K videos, 2.5 times the pixels of an HD 1080p security camera. Instead of 1920 × 1080, or over 2,000,000 pixels, this super HD 2K PoE security camera system can record at a pixel ratio of 2880 x 1620. More pixels delivered by the security camera allow you to get more enhanced picture details when you zoom in.

5MP PoE cameras offer color night vision in ambient light conditions. Camius cameras adjust the displayed stream to include color in a video at night. It allows the user to distinguish colors on a subject, like a red vehicle or a blue shirt. Even the moon or starlight is enough to keep the camera in Color Night Mode. In complete darkness, cameras deliver a black-and-white picture. The cameras’ infrared distance is 30 to 100 feet.

IPVAULT2256PR: Control video ad audio stream of your cameras (HDMI Local Interface)

Camius PoE cameras record super HD 2K videos, 2.5 times the pixels of an HD 1080p security camera. Instead of 1920 × 1080, or over 2,000,000 pixels, this super HD 2K PoE security camera system can record at a pixel ratio of 2880 x 1620. 

Highly customizable image control settings

Camius 2K IP cameras have highly customizable image settings, which you can control directly in the NVR. You can select the best IR settings, including the IR cut mode, IR cut delay, IR LED way, and even the level of IR LED lights (low beam light). In addition, you can also control the camera’s view using the Lens Flip, Angle Flip, selecting Corridor mode, enabling WDR (wide dynamic range), and even more. You can save default settings by clicking on the ‘Default‘ tab.

Camius 5MP IP cameras provide a 91-degree view.

Outdoor Security Camera System with Customized Alarms

An outdoor security camera system equipped with alarms offers a comprehensive approach to home security. Users can enable alarm settings via the Network Video Recorder (NVR). The alarm features include a buzzer sound from the recorder, email alerts, and push notifications to the CAMIUS VIEW smartphone camera app. The system also supports recording, pre-recording, and backing up videos, screenshots to the cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) through the NVR. Additionally, the NVR provides the option to disarm all alarms if necessary, offering flexibility and control to the users.

Enhanced Alarm Scheduling for Security Cameras

Each IP camera in your security system can be scheduled with an alarm, triggered by various events. These include smart motion detection targeting regular video, pedestrian or vehicle detection, and sound detection. More advanced features include human & vehicle detection (PD&VD), perimeter intrusion detection (PID), and line crossing detection (LCD). 

Additionally, the Exception feature triggers alarms for issues like camera disconnection (video loss) or hard drive disk problems such as lack of space, disk errors, or failures. This comprehensive alarm system ensures robust and reliable surveillance.

2320PR SPOT828A RB Channel Motion
IPVAULT2320PR: Web Browser Menu

Smart Motion and Sound Detection

The Camius NVR network video recorder allows motion detection to monitor and record all the activity in your home and business. You can also select your motion target detection, which includes not any video motion but pedestrian, vehicle, or pedestrian & vehicle as your target.  Please note that motion detection recording and alarm scheduling are not enabled by default and need to be turned on by a user.

Sound detection is triggered when a sudden, loud noise occurs near the camera; it alerts the user and records. 


Best Security Cameras for Businesses with AI Detection

Camus’s latest 2K security cameras offer detection using AI analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing the user to create zones for detecting movement patterns, location, etc. You can activate one of the AI detects for precise detection, alarms, and reports. AI Detection will trigger recording, email, or push notifications in addition to video recording in a unique color and tag.

AI Detection includes:
  • Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID)
  • Line Crossing Detection (LCD)
  • Cross Counting (CC)
  • More AI functions are in the Beta version

You can enable Human & Vehicle or Perimeter Intrusion Detection in AI mode and then allow push notifications on your mobile app. Make sure to select Schedule and save it.

Camius human detection

You can enable alarms in AI mode, including a buzzer sound produced by the NVR. Recording, Post recording, showing a message, sending email, uploading pictures or videos to an FTP folder or Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive). In addition, on your Camius View app, you can enable push notifications on AI Human and Vehicle Detection.

NVR Software

The NVR PoE camera system extends beyond HDMI and smartphone apps. The free NVR software (VMS) turns any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Monitor live video and audio, playback, and manage camera settings. Perfect for multiple installations, it combines cameras from a Camius NVR, DVR and individual IP cameras on one screen, displaying multiple cameras and managing multiple devices. Click here for the guide to adding the 16 channel NVR to the Camius VMS.

Best Camius NVR software for Windows and Mac to control up to 128 cameras

Web Browser Access

You can access your Camius NVR system using a web browser. 

2320PR SPOT828A RB Record Encode Audio

Camius View App

The smartphone security camera app Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. Click here to learn how to add your security cameras to the app.

The mobile app is available on the iOS and Android app stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. You can use your smartphone security camera app to view and playback any Camius security camera, listen to audio, and control the system entirely, including restarting it remotely.

Stay Connected and Secure Anywhere with Camius View CCTV Mobile App
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Contents of the box (Note: this bundle doesn't include cables. You can order an additional hard drive and Cat5E cables)

What’s in the box:

Note: this bundle doesn’t include cables. You can order an additional hard drive and Cat5E cables on

Camius NVR IPVAULT2320PR specifications:


  • Incoming: 320 Mbps
  • Outgoing: 320 Mbps


  • Recording Compression: Audio: G.711A/ G.711U, Video: H.264/H.265/H.264+/H.265+
  • Speed: 12MP: 30fps, 8MP: 120fps, 4MP: 240fps 2MP: 480fps
  • Playback: 1080P: 480fps, Max 16CH


  • Protocols: RTSP, SNMP, DDNS, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, UDP, FTP, MQTT, HLS, SMTP, UPNP, Onvif (profile S/G/T)
  • Voice Command: Home Device: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Video Output

  • 1 VGA output, which supports resolutions like 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×1024, 1440×900, and 1920×1080.
  • HDMI 1 output, mainly used for the main monitor, supporting resolutions like 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1920×1080, 2560×1440 (2K), and 3840×2160 (4K)
  • HDMI 2 is used for the secondary spot monitor, supporting resolutions up to 1080p (1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1920×1080), as well as EDID and Async

Ports and Interfaces

  • Ethernet: 2 RJ45 ports for fast network connectivity.
  • PoE: 16 RJ45 ports support Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for easy IP camera connection
  • USB: Front USB 2.0, rear USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 for versatile connectivity.
  • Audio I/O: 1 input & 1 output for audio recording and playback.
  • RS485: 1 interface for device communication.
  • Alarms: 16 inputs & 1 output for comprehensive alarm system integration.


  • Two Internal SATA Hard Drive Ports: up to 12 terabyte
  • One e-SATA 

Device Access:


  • Menu Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hindi, Romanian, Dutch, Polish
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 14.88 x 12.48 x 1.97 inches / 378 x 317 x 50mm
  • Input Voltage/Current: Built-in power supply of ATX 280 watts
  • Power Consumption: the NVR uses about 12 watts of power, not counting the hard disk
  • Operating Temperature/Humidity: Camius NVR’s working temperature is ranging from  14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C), and the humidity should be kept below 90% RH

Camius NVR IPVAULT2256PR specifications:

Camius BOLTX536R specifications:



A 16 channel camera system can connect and manage up to 16 security cameras simultaneously. This type of system is ideal for larger properties, businesses, or any location requiring extensive surveillance coverage. Camius offers robust 16 channel NVR camera systems with Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplifying installation and providing advanced features like AI detection and high-resolution video recording for months, access from any device including NVR software designed for PC or mac desktop, web browser and smartphone app


The main difference between 8 channel and 16 channel security camera systems is the number of cameras they support. An 8 channel system can connect up to 8 cameras, making it suitable for smaller properties or businesses. In contrast, a 16 channel system supports up to 16 cameras, offering greater coverage and flexibility for larger areas. Camius provides both 8 and 16 channel NVR systems with advanced features to meet varying surveillance needs.

The number of security cameras a house needs depends on the property size and the areas you want to monitor. Generally, a typical home requires 3 to 8 cameras to cover key areas such as entrances, driveways, backyards, garage and common areas. For enhanced security, you might consider additional cameras for blind spots and interior monitoring. Camius offers a range of camera systems that can be customized to fit your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Larger houses (such as 1 acre) may need 10 to 16 cameras to cover the property monitoring.

A Camius 16 channel NVR system would be an excellent choice for large houses, providing ample coverage and the ability to expand as needed. With features like PoE (Power over Ethernet), plug and play easy setup, AI detection, and high-resolution recording, Camius systems ensure comprehensive surveillance and peace of mind.

There is no significant difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera; the terms are often used interchangeably. Both are used to monitor and record activities in a specific area for security purposes. However, it’s important to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding the use of cameras, particularly in areas where privacy is expected, such as inside homes or workplaces. Camius provides high-quality security and surveillance cameras designed to comply with legal standards while offering advanced monitoring features.

Can I add one more hard drive to the NVR? Yes, you can. The Camius 16 channel NVR can accommodate two internal hard drives, each with a capacity of up to 14TB.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 14 in
Security System Bundle


Recorder Type

NVR for IP cameras

Number of Channels

16 channels



Recorder Total Bandwidth

256Mbps, 320Mbps

Bundled Camera Number


Pre-Installed Storage

4TB HDD, 8TB (1 x 8TB)

Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder eSATA Port


Recorder Storage Capacity

14TB on each Internal and external SATA hard drive

With Audio


Bundled Camera Type

(16) 5MP PoE Bullet Cameras

Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Camera Shape


Camera Resolution

2K 2880×1620 with 30 fps

Camera Built-in Microphone


Camera Reset

On-Camera Reset Button

Camera Lens

3.6mm (91 degree view)

Camera Power over Ethernet


Camera Video Analysis


Recorder Display Split View

4 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 10-1 / 13 / 13-1 / 14

Recorder Video Output

HDMI1 for a primary monitor, HDMI2 for a secondary monitor, VGA

Recorder Email Alerts


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Mac Software


PC Software


Browser Access


Camera Color Night Vision

Yes (in ambient light conditions)

Night Vision


Recorder SMART HDD Check


Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder Video Compression

Video H.264, H.265, Audio G711U, G711A

Recorder Wired Alarm I/O


Recorder Wired Audio I/O


Cables Included