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Is my DVR NVR recording? How to set up security camera recording?

This guide applies to Camius DVR (digital video) and NVR (network video) recorders. To confirm if your Camius DVR or NVR is recording, check the recorder’s front panel HDD LED. The red blinking light indicates the DVR or NVR is recording.

Check red LED on the recorder's front panel

Then navigate to Setup >> Record >> Record Schedule to check each camera’s schedule.

By default Normal schedule is enabled, which stands for 24/7 continuous recording.

For the rest of the schedules, you need to select and save the recording type you need (Green is for Normal, Yellow is for Motion, Purple is for PIR (applicable to Camius 4K spotlight cameras with PIR sensor), I/O is for recording triggered by external alarm devices connected to the DVR or NVR).

IPVAULT22566PR Recording schedule
This picture shows the IPVAULT2256PR (16 channel PoE NVR) with only Normal and Motion Record Schedule enabled
IPvault1128PR (8 channel NVR) has all 3 record schedules enabled
TRIVAULT4K184R2 record schedule
Trivault DVR has all 4 record schedules activated.

Set the Record Schedule, apply, and copy to other channels if needed. Once it’s done, you will have access to the recording of the event not only on your NVR but you can also play them on your CAMIUS VIEW smartphone app.

Suppose you enable push notifications triggered by Motion, PIR, or AI (Human & Vehicle Detection) but do not have a short clip for playback. In that case, the record schedule was not set for this camera.

How to check the HDD status and format it

  • Step 1 –  On the DVR interface, move the mouse cursor to the bottom left and click the main menu button,  then click Setup >> Device >> Disk >> tick the HDD checkbox >> Tab on ‘Format HDD’

VID 20220906 11.35.51
  • Step 2 – After clicking on Format HDD,’ you will see a pop-up ‘What do you want to do?” select the first option: ‘Format the entire hard drive. All data will be erased.”

VID 20220906 11.36.05
  • Step 3 – Enter your Password to Authenticate the task.

VID 20220906 11.36.08
  • Step 4 – Click ‘OK’ to confirm the task.

VID 20220906 11.36.22
VID 20220906 11.36.26