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How to Activate Motion Detection?

To make sure Motion Detection is activated, please check the following settings:

On the NVR interface, move the mouse cursor to the bottom left, click the main menu button, and then click Setup >> Channel >> Motion >> tick the Switch checkbox

If you are adding R-series Camius IP cameras, you can also select Target Detection.

1128PR IRIS528R motion detection

Then check if the following Setup enables the Motion detection schedule>> Record >> Record >> Record Schedule; click on the green circle titled ‘Motion’ on the right side, and then select the time of day and which weekdays to have motion activated; you can also click and drag to include the whole grid.

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Pic-1 - IPvault1128PR interface while connected to a monitor via HDMI
IPVAULT22566PR Recording schedule e1679810351955
Pic-2 - IPVault2256PR interface while connected to a monitor via HDMI
Camius record schedule scaled
Pic-3 - IPVault2256PR browser interface

You can click the ‘Copy’ button at the bottom to apply these settings to other cameras and then click the Apply button.

Motion detection should instantly start; as confirmation, you can see an orange ‘walking’ icon on the top-right for cameras with motion.

If you enable Push Notifications for motion detection, you must have this Motion Record Schedule enabled and configured as described above.