How To Enable IP Camera Offline, Analog Camera Disconnection Notification Alerts

One of the most important features of any security system is its ability to alert you when something goes wrong. Whether it’s an IP camera offline or an analog camera that stopped working, a storage failure, or any other exception, you want to know about it as soon as possible. That’s why Camius DVR and NVR camera systems offer various options for setting up alerts or notifications for different events. While cheap IP and analog CCTV camera systems often lack this feature, Camius provides this advanced functionality, setting it apart from other systems.

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Exception Settings in Camius NVR and DVR camera systems

Camius NVRs have ‘Exception’ settings under Setup >> Alarm >> Exception, where you can choose the alarm type. These include:

  • Buzzer: When this option is enabled, the NVR will emit an internal beeping sound as an alert for any detected events. This audible alert can be particularly useful when you are in the vicinity of the NVR and can hear the buzzer. Follow this guide on how to deactivate the buzzer alarm
  • Send email: When this option is enabled in your Camius NVR settings, the system will send an alert to your specified email address whenever there’s an event. However, to use this feature, you need to make sure the email settings in your NVR are correctly set up. Follow this guide for email setup
  • Show message: When this option is selected in your Camius NVR settings, you’ll see a pop-up message on your monitor connected to the NVR whenever there’s an alert. If you’re accessing the NVR using a web browser, the alert message will appear in the right-bottom corner of your screen.
  • Voice prompts

This is an example of the NVR’s local user interface menu while the recorder is connected to the monitor

IPVAULT2256PR exception 011524

Local User Interface and Web Browser Interface

The settings can be accessed through two interfaces:

  • Local user interface (while the NVR is connected to the monitor via HDMI or VGA video output)
  • Web browser interface (for more about web browser access, follow this guide)

This is an example of the menu while you access the Camius DVR or NVR recorder using a web browser

IPVAULT2256PR Exception web browser
IPVAULT2256PR Exception dropdown web browser

Push Notifications alerting about wireless or wired analog / IP camera offline on Camius View App

In addition to the settings on your Camius Security Camera DVR or NVR Network Video Recorder, you can also set up push notifications on your Camius View app. These notifications include Video Loss alarm and HDD alarm. To do this, you’ll first need to add the NVR to your app (follow this guide about adding the Camius DVR or NVR to the Camius View app).

Once the NVR is added, you can select the types of push notifications you want to receive directly from the app.

Camius View push exception
Push Notifications related to Storage (HDD or Micro SD card) installed to the Camius camera system)
Camius View Video Loss notifications
Push Notifications related to the IP or Analog or Wireless Camera Disconnection

Regular maintenance can prevent issues like a CCTV camera disconnected, ensuring continuous surveillance.

Regular maintenance can prevent issues like a CCTV camera disconnected, ensuring continuous surveillance. However, sometimes problems may arise that affect the connection of your security cameras. In such cases, you need to troubleshoot the issue and find the cause of the disconnection. Depending on the type of camera system you have, the steps may vary. For analog security camera systems, you need to check the power supply, the cabling, and the DVR settings. For wired PoE power over ethernet camera systems, you need to check the network connection, the IP address, and the NVR settings. To learn more about how to troubleshoot these issues, you can refer to the following guides:

Checking your hard drive health regularly can help you prevent data loss and extend the lifespan of your recorder