How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off

Here are the steps to troubleshoot the IP camera and find out if it is a power issue or if it is an issue with the decoding capacity

  • Step 1 – Wiring

Check-in the wiring and RJ45 connectors

  • Step 2 – Channels / PoE ports

Switch channels  (PoE ports if you are using a PoE NVR) and observe for some time

  • Step 3 – Load Default Settings

Suppose you have a message on the screen stating that the camera failed to connect. In that case, we recommend resetting the camera by navigating to System >> IP Camera Maintain >> Load Default >> tick the checkbox of the camera/channel you wish to reset to factory settings, click the Load Default tab, and authenticate it with the Admin password (see picture 1 for your reference).


IPVAULT2256PR ip camera load default web
Picture 1

Step 4 – Check Mainstream settings

Please reduce the Mainstream bitrate, resolution, and frame rate on the NVR >> Setup >> Record >> Encode >> Mainstream. If the bit rate is 8000, reduce down to 4000 and consider testing for a while.

How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off
Picture 2 - IPVAULT2256PR

Step 5 – Check the Camera

If you can access the camera, check for overheating, especially during intermittent disconnection. You can look at the playback and check if there’s a pattern for the disconnection, like while there’s a lot of motion, or if it always happens while the Infrared lights are on.

Step 6 – Reset Channels settings

Consider resetting the Channel section on the NVR to factory defaults under Setup >> Maintenance >> Load Defaults – tick the Channel and Recording checkboxes and apply (Picture 3).

We can suggest different troubleshooting steps depending on how you add the camera to the NVR (directly through NVR’s PoE ports or using a PoE / Network switch or PoE injector). If any of the above doesn’t resolve the issue, submit your support request and include the IP camera model and firmware/software version.

Picture 3