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How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off

Here are the steps to troubleshoot the IP camera and find out if it is a power issue or if it is an issue with the decoding capacity

Step 1 – check-in the wiring and RJ45 connectors

Step 2 – switch channels and observe for some time 

Step 3 – if you have a message on the screen stating that the camera failed to connect, then we recommend resetting the camera by navigating to System >> IP Camera Maintain >> Load Default >> tick the checkbox of the camera/channel you wish to reset to factory settings and click Load Default tab and authenticate it with the Admin password (see picture 1 for your reference).

Resetting the camera can also be done using its direct browser interface. At the same time, it’s connected to the LAN if you set a unique password for this IP camera: Remote Settings >> Maintenance >> Load Defaults >> Tick all boxes and hit Apply.


Screen Shot 2023 05 19 at 8.58.43 AM
Picture 1

Step 4  – Please reduce the Mainstream bitrate, resolution, and frame rate on the NVR >> Setup >> Record >> Encode >> Mainstream. If the bit rate is 4096, consider halving it and testing for a while.

How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off 7

How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off
Picture 2 - IPVAULT2256PR

Step 5 –  If you can access the camera, check for overheating, especially during intermittent disconnection. You can look at the playback and check if there’s a pattern for the disconnection, like while there’s a lot of motion, or if it always happens while the Infrared lights are on.

Step 6 – Consider resetting the Channel section on the NVR to factory defaults under Setup >> Maintenance >> Load Defaults – tick the Channel and Recording checkboxes and apply (Picture 3)

Picture 3

We can suggest different troubleshooting steps depending on how you add the camera to the NVR (directly through NVR’s PoE ports or using a PoE / Network switch or PoE injector). If any of the above doesn’t resolve the issue, submit your support request and include the IP camera model and firmware/software version.