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How to set up recording to the cloud?

Camius DVR (digital video recorders) and NVR (network video recorders) can upload videos for two (2) channels and event pictures for the rest to the cloud service via Dropbox or Google Drive, which allows you to store and share images quickly and always have them on hand when you need them. 

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To use the Cloud function, follow the steps:  

  1. Register an account with Dropbox or Google Drive with the same email address and password used for your recorder. Go to or and follow the on-screen instructions for an account. Ensure the NVR network is working correctly.  
  1. Check the Cloud Storage checkbox to enable the Cloud function. Enable Alarm Detection if you want to upload snapshots to your Cloud storage when the camera detects a motion triggered by the I/O alarm. 
  1. Select a Cloud Overwrite to choose the overwrite when the storage runs out of space. For example, if you choose the seven-day option, only the last 7 days’ recordings are stored. To prevent overwriting any old recordings, select OFF. If you disable this function, please regularly check the cloud storage status to ensure it did not reach capacity. A recording will stop if the storage is complete (run out of space).  
  1. Select a Video Type format you want to use 
  1. Select the folder for each channel 
  1. Click the Activate Cloud button to activate the Cloud function. The below message will pop up on the screen. A message will appear that an activation link was sent to your email address; check your email, and click the link to activate the Cloud settings. 
  1. Log in to your email box and click the link in the email content. It will turn to the cloud authorization login page. Input your Dropbox account name and password to log in.  
  1. Fill in the recorder’s local IP address and web port, and click Authorize  
  1. Input the recorders’ user name and password and then click OK  
  1. When Authorization is completed, you will be directed to your Dropbox 
  1. The Cloud has completed the setup if you find a new folder named by your DVR device name and MAC address in the Dropbox storage. Your alarm pictures and videos will be uploaded to this folder.   
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