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I forgot my NVR, DVR password. How to reset it?

There are two ways to reset your Camius NVR or DVR password which are described below.

OPTION 1 - applicable to Camius DVR or NVR recorders with a reset button

If your recorder has a reset button, press and hold it for 10 seconds; you will hear an audible confirmation. This will reset all settings, including the password, but not erase recorded footage on your hard drive. 

IPVAULT1128PR rear panel Reset button e1685390328801
Picture 1 - Reset button of Camius 8 channel NVR [IPVAULT1128PR}
IPVAULT2256PR reset button
Picture 2 - Reset button of Camius 16 channel NVR [IPVAULT2256PR]
IPVAULT8256PR reset button
Picture 3 - Reset button of 32 channel NVR [IPVAULT8256R]
TRIVAULT4K184R2 front and back
Picture 5 - Reset button of Camius 8 channel DVR [TRIVAULT4K184R, TRIVAULT4K184R2}
TRIVAULT4K2168R front and back panel reset the DVR e1685390476853
Picture 6 - Reset button of Camius 16 channel DVR [TRIVAULT2168R, TRIVAULT4K2168R

OPTION 2 - applicable to Camius DVR or NVR recorders without a reset button

If your DVR digital video recorder or NVR network video recorder doesn’t have a reset button, please follow the below steps to receive a temporary password that is Mac ID and Date sensitive.


a) Have your recorder connected to a monitor via HDMI or VGA output. 

  • Click the (i) information icon at the bottom right of your DVR or NVR recorder’s interface for the Mac ID, as shown in the following picture 7. You don’t need the recorder to be unlocked for this.
  • The Date is also displayed as shown in picture 7

DVR NVR system forgot password mac ID and date
Picture 7 - Mac ID and Date

2) Once you have your device Mac ID and current date, submit a support request here, select the subject as ‘Lost Password,’ and include the model number, Mac ID (xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx), and Date (MM/DD/YYYY) on your device. Make sure to use the correct email address.

If you didn’t register your Camius device, we recommend you do it (click here); that will speed up the support request.

DVR NVR system maintenance load default reset system password
Picture 8 - Reset your recorder's password