How to reset my IP camera password without a reset button?

If your IP camera doesn’t have a reset button and you forgot its Password, we can help you.

1 – Contact Camius Support using this link. Ensure to include the IP camera model number available on the camera’s label or purchase details (order number and/or shipping address)

2 – Select Lost Password as the subject, and include your IP camera’s MAC ID and Date.

3 – To locate the MAC ID of your Camius IP camera, use Camius Device Config Tool. Camius offers this tool for Windows PC and Mac computers.

device config tool mac id for password reset


Picture 1 – MAC ID on Device Config Tool

4 – When you enter the wrong Password in the IP camera’s web browser interface, you will see the date in red, as shown in Picture 2. IP cameras without a reset button are compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge browser with IE compatibility mode
  • Chrome with IE Tab extension


Picture 2 – Date displayed after the wrong Password is used

5 – The reset password is MAC and Date sensitive. For fast support response, we recommend registering your product with Camius (click here to register your device with Camius)


Once you log into the IP camera’s web browser interface using the reset password received from Camius Technical Support, you can update the admin password under Remote Setting >> System >> Users.
Optionally can reset the camera to default settings from the following menu: Remote Setting >> Advanced >> Load Default >> select ‘System’ and click ‘Save’ that  will reset your  IP camera to default login credentials:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
iris528a boltx5pa spot828a load default web client web browser
Load Default IP camera settings

For Camius IP cameras with a reset button, click here for the detailed guide