How to check my surveillance recorder's hard drive health?

You have a security DVR or NVR with a pre-installed internal hard drive disk, and while you are going through the DVR’s Start Wizard, you don’t see the hard drive showing up in the Wizard, or you get a prompt on your recorder’s screen, ‘No HDD,’ this could mean the following:

  • The hard drives screws, power, or data cables are loose and need re-inforcing; follow the guide on how to open the enclosure of the DVR and check the HDD (click here for the manual)
  • The hard drive is defective (reach out to Camius using the contact form to start an RMA for the hard drive; click here)
  • Make sure to use the original power supply that came with the DVR
  • The DVR’s power supply needs a replacement. (Reach out to Camius using the contact form to start an RMA for DVR’s power supply. If it is covered with a warranty, click here. Optionally, you can purchase a new power supply for your DVR here, and for the NVR, click here.

Follow the steps on how to check your hard drive's condition:

On the DVR / NVR interface, move the mouse cursor to the bottom left, click the main menu button, and then click Setup. 

To Check the Disk health, navigate to Device >> Disk >> S.M.A.R.T. >> click on Check and see if the hard drive has errors.

You will see the hard drive’s temperature (in C degrees), including the disk’s whole evaluation status. If it states ‘Passed,’ your hard drive is in good standing.


Actvate Alarm Notifications in your NVR or DVR settings

Camius DVR and NVR security audio video recorders offer notifications triggered by events related to the hard drive.

You can activate the Buzzer (the recorder’s internal buzzing sound), Show a message (a message will pop up on the screen, whether you are accessing the recorder on the browser or the monitor connected to the recorder via HDMI or VGA output, Send an email (click here for the email settings) if the hard drive disk runs out of space or there is a disk error.

This setting is available under Setup >> Alarm >> Exception.

Activate Push Notifications in the Camius View App

Camius View smartphone app for iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices offers you push notifications related to your camera system storage.

Camius view Push notifications
Step 1 - Go to Push notifications
Camius view Push notifications 1
Step 2 - Click on the gear icon to access Push Setup
Camius view Push setup
Step 3 - Select the Camius NVR or DVR, tab the toggle from white to blue to enable Push notifications, and touch the gear icon.
Camius View push exception
Step 4 - Select the events under the Storage section to trigger push notifications. The blue color checkbox means it's been activated. Touch the Save tab before you leave to save your selection.