Hard Drive Disks compatible with IPVAULT2256PR, IPVAULT8256R, TRIVAULT4K2168R

Camius NVR and DVR of R series are compatible with various hard drive disks, including SATA HDDs and solid-state drives (SSDs). Some recommended hard drive disks for Camius Digital, and Network Video Recorders include Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate HDDs.  It is important to note that the specific hard drive disk compatibility may vary depending on the model of the Camius NVR or DVR.

A number of SATA HDD ports and recommended capacity:

The following hard drives have been tested with the above NVR and DVR recorders for compatibility:

Western Digital brand:

  • WD5000LPCX 500G
  • WD10PURX 1TB
  • WD20PURX 2TB
  • WD20EJRX 2TB
  • WD-WX81A1981H97 2TB
  • WD-WX81A198150U 2TB
  • WD-WX21D2905AFK 4TB
  • WD-WX21D2905KDV 4TB
  • WD40PURX 4TB
  • WD40EJRX 4TB
  • WD-WX11D2960A1T 6TB
  • WD-WX11D19A438L 6TB
  • WD60EJRX 6TB
  • WD60PURX 6TB
  • WD80PURX 8TB
  • WD82EJRX 8TB
  • WD102EJRX 10TB
  • WD102PURZ 10TB
  • WD121EJRX 12TB
  • WD140EJRX 14TB

Toshiba brand:

  • DT01ABA100V 1TB
  • DT01ACA200 2TB
  • DT01ABA200V 2TB
  • DT01ACA300 3TB
  • MD04ABA400V 4TB
  • MD06ACA800V 8TB
  • MD06ACA10TV 10TB

Seagate brand:

  • ST1000VX005 1TB
  • ST1000VM002 1TB
  • ST2000VX003 2TB
  • ST2000VX007 2TB
  • ST2000DM001 2TB
  • ST3000VX009 3TB
  • ST4000VX000 4TB
  • ST4000VX007 4TB
  • ST6000VX001 6TB
  • ST8000VX004 8TB
  • ST12000VE001 12TB