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How to add IP camera to PoE NVR

For NVRs with built-in PoE, Camius IP cameras plugged into any PoE port will appear on the right side during this step. Green status indicates a successl connection and grey status could indicate a password or network parameters mismatch.

Non-PoE IP cameras (applicable to non-Camius PoE cameras or Camius IP cameras connected to the NVR without using the NVR’s built-in PoE ports) available on your LAN will appear above the Channels list. For non-Camius PoE cameras, you may need an external network or PoE switch, or PoE injector. To add cameras manually, based on the compatible camera’s network settings. Visit the how-to guide available at this link

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1128pr connection diagramm 1 e1679253841124

For the PoE-enabled NVR, connecting Camius IP cameras via the internal NVR’s PoE ports is recommended since Camius PoE network video recorders are optimized for Camius PoE cameras making the whole setup process plug-and-play.

NVR’s PoE ports provide power over ethernet for Camius PoE cameras. 

NOTE: Connecting multiple cameras via a switch or router to the PoE port is not recommended. One PoE port supports one PoE camera.

The below steps are based on the NVR’s local interface via HDMI video output. Navigate the mouse to the screen’s left bottom corner and click on Setup, followed by Channel >> IP Channels.



IP channels menu description:

Switch Mode: Auto Mode supports Plug & Play connection via PoE port. To add the camera(s) manually, change the Mode to Manual.

PoE Mode: Auto Mode limits the maximum bandwidth to 100Mbps, and EPOE mode limits the maximum bandwidth to 10Mbps. In case of a connection problem with Auto mode, when PoE powers the IP camera via an RJ45 cable longer than 100 meters, change to EPOE mode for a stable connection.

Edit: To edit the Switch Mode, PoE Mode, network parameters, username, and password for the individual camera (click the ‘Edit’ icon to open the ‘Edit Connection Information’ window)

State: Shows the connection status of the camera

Auto Assign IP to Camera(s): The added IP camera would not connect if its IP address is not in the same network segment as NVR. With this function, reassign an IP address to all added IP cameras.

Channel Delete: Choose one or more added IP cameras, and click this button to delete

Default Password: Configure the default user name and password of Private, Onvif, and RTSP protocol connection.


1 – Keep the default settings.

2 – Camius PoE IP cameras usually have DHCP enabled by default. If you changed the camera’s network settings, ensure your IP camera is set to a DHCP IP address. If your camera has a static IP address different from the IP address segment in the PoE switch or router, your IP camera will not get online. 

3 – Connect your Camius IP camera to the PoE port on the rear panel using a PoE network cable (Cat5e, etc.).

4 – Non-activated Camius PoE cameras without a set password will be automatically added to the NVR.

5 – After startup, the camera will be online and displayed in the IP channel list.

IPVAULT1128PR iris528R iris8R POE CONNECTION 1000 1000

6 – After startup, the camera will be online and displayed in the IP channel list.

7 – Check the connection status:

  • The GREEN color in the State column means the camera has been added to the NVR successfully.
  • The GREY state icon means the IP camera failed to connect to the NVR. Click the gray icon to show the failure reason:
Screen Shot 2023 05 12 at 6.12.07 PM
  • If the failure is a “User name or password error,” the camera user name and password differ from the default user name and password. Click the icon to check the failure if the cause is “User name or password error,” the default user name and password are not the same as the camera. Click the Edit pencil icon to modify the user name and password, which is the same as the camera.

If you set a password for the Camius PoE IP camera, we recommend resetting it using a reset button, click here for the guide on how to do it), or if the Camius IP camera doesn’t have a reset button, click here for the guide.

  • If the failure reason is “Failed to connect to the camera, please check the network connection,” you may need to check the network cable.
Screen Shot 2023 05 13 at 11.04.34 AM

You can also check if the camera is getting PoE in the POE Power menu