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4K 32 Channel NVR I Fits 8 Hard Drives I Ideal for Commercial Security Systems
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4K 32 Channel NVR I Fits 8 Hard Drives I Ideal for Commercial Security Systems

Original price was: $549.00.Current price is: $399.00.


Camius offers a latest NVR network video recorder with 8 SATA hard drive slots for centralized recording and remote access of up to 32 IP cameras, supporting high bitrate levels and 4K resolution. It provides customizable settings, smart detection, and the ability to upload videos to cloud storage, while maintaining user privacy and accessibility through desktop software, web browsers, and the Camius View smartphone app.

What’s in the box:

  • 32 Channel NVR (model: IPVAULT8256R)
  • Power cord, HDMI cable, and network cable
  • Set of screws for the hard drives installation and chassis
  • Installation guide
  • Note: hard drives and cameras are not included

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Build 32 Camera Security System with Camius

Camius IP camera solutions include the latest 32 channel NVR (network video recorder) designed for centralized recording and remote access to PoE IP cameras. Camius recorders support ultra-HD 4K video resolution and real-time audio and video surveillance camera recording.


Camius 32 channel nvr - 4k 32ch nvr for 32 camera system

Enhancing Security with Commercial NVR Systems

Camius NVR recorders for commercial NVR systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses and properties. Our robust systems seamlessly connect to mobile phone apps and software, allowing users to monitor live feeds and review recorded footage remotely. Camius, a trusted name in security, offers NVRs that go beyond basic surveillance. Business owners can configure these NVRs to deliver motion-activated, PIR (passive infrared), intelligent, and AI-driven push notifications and emails. Whether it’s a retail store, office, factory, or warehouse, Camius NVRs provide highly effective security solutions for high-risk environments.

32 channel nvr camera system

32 Channel NVR with a high bitrate

More bandwidth for transmission and recording means higher quality. Camius offers some of the highest bitrate levels in an NVR or Network Video Recorder, The available bandwidth. Continuous recording for security cameras from Camius can utilize up to 256Mbps on the Network Video Recorder to provide each channel with enough bandwidth to stream, record, process, and analyze in 4K quality.

Compatible IP cameras

You can add 32 Camius IP cameras to this latest 32 Channel NVR. Non-Camius IP cameras may work with limited functionality since certain manufacturers limit their camera protocol or use certain limited versions. The NVR network video recorder supports ultra HD 4K, 2K, full HD 1080p video resolution, and audio and video surveillance camera recording. 

Ports & Network
  • 1 Wired Audio Input and 1 Output
  • 16 Wired Alarm Inputs and 4 Outputs
  • RS485 port
  • WAN and LAN ports (RJ45 100/1000 Base-T)
  • Three USB ports to operate the NVR with a USB mouse, footage backup, export and import your system settings, and firmware upgrade

The latest video and audio compression

Video compression is important when choosing a security system; it determines video clarity, hard disk usage, and network bandwidth. Camius 32 channel NVR supports H.265, considered the best video compression standard to optimize all three areas.

Camius 32 channel nvr Record - mainstream
Camius 32ch nvr 32 camera system substream

The video quality of an H.265 stream is higher than that of an H.264 with the same settings. Using H.265, or H.265+, reduces the file size, which means less bandwidth is required to transfer a higher-quality stream. The reduced file size means a longer recording duration on the hard disk.

32CH NVR with Expandable 8 Bay Storage in addition to e-SATA

Camius 32CH NVR fits 8 (eight) internal 3.5″ SATA and 2.5″ SSD hard drives. In addition, the advanced network video recorder fits one e-SATA port to add external storage. Moreover, you can use a high-capacity hard drive of 14TB on each bay!

8 HDD camius icon 2023

Boost your storage capacity by adding up to 8 hard drives of 8TB each to your order. We will take care of the installation and configuration for you, so you can start recording right away with no hassle!

Moreover, with the Camius network video recorder, you can upload screenshots and video footage to your Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) using MP4, AVI, or proprietary RF file format.

camius cloud nvr dropbox
Camius cloud nvr google drive

Multiple Display Outputs

Camius 32 Channel NVR network video recorder has 3 video outputs to add a monitor or TV for live view.

  • 1 x HDMI (HDMI2) output for the primary monitor, which supports 4K video (3840×2160)
  • 1 x HDMI (HDMI2) video output for a secondary monitor that supports 1080P display resolution
  • 1 x VGA output
Spot monitor for IP cameras

Camius 32 channel NVR has a feature that enables a spot monitor for IP cameras through their dual HDMI video outputs. A spot monitor function can display a live video feed of one or more security cameras on a secondary TV monitor that is continuously linked to an NVR network video recorder. This feature does not disrupt the live IP camera display on the spot monitor if you use the recorder’s main monitor to access the menu system. The HDMI2 video output is configurable for the spot-out monitor.


Camius security camera system 32 channel 4K NVR allows users to choose the best recording mode. They can customize recordings triggered by motion, PIR, or IO detection, or you can opt for continuous recording. For some, it could be recording scheduled at a certain time of the day. You can record up to 32 IP cameras in a dual stream.
IPVAULT8256R Recording e1680598154429

The NVR starts recording out of the box. Only normal 24/7 recording is enabled by default. You can activate multiple recording modes simultaneously.

IPVAULT8256R recording schedule all 4 modes enabled e1680598244908
Smart Motion Detection
Video Motion Detection saves valuable time searching for an event or incident in playback. It allows users to set detection areas under setup for IP cameras and an NVR; a schedule is available for detection hours and days. With Camius IP cameras you can select smart motion detection, then you can select target detection to enhance the feature that includes motion, pedestrian or vehicle, or both. 
Camius 32 channel NVR - motion detection
 You can set motion recording as the only recording method to save disk space or activate motion recording along with normal 24/7 recording to record everything while having easy access to video footage triggered by motion.


PIR Detection

You can enable PIR detection for Camius spotlight cameras and select alarms triggered by PIR.

Camius PIR detection

Enhance Security with Deterrence Lights and Siren

This NVR can control the deterrence features of Camius spotlight cameras. Camius spotlight cameras provide an important security feature: deterrence.  Users can also activate the deterrence lights and siren manually, schedule these features to only be active during certain hours of the day, triggered by selected events. 

Picture 1 shows the Deterrence settings for the SPOT828A-R camera

The spotlight feature allows for clear color video in complete darkness; it helps identify subjects, and the loud siren with adjustable volume is great for deterring criminals.

Sound Detection

Sound Detection is triggered when a sudden loud noise occurs near the camera, alerts the user, and records in Intelligent mode. All Camius IP cameras, which have built-in microphones, support sound detection.

Email Notifications

Email alerts are available for all Camius IP cameras, DVRs, and NVR systems to notify you of real-time motion, sound, PIR, intelligent, and AI detection events. Furthermore, Camius security camera systems send email alerts when your recorder hard drive has an error or when the camera is disconnected (available under Setup >> Alarm >> Exception)

Human, Vehicle, Perimeter Intrusion Detection powered with A.I.

Camus’s IP cameras offer detection using AI analysis. It goes beyond video motion detection, allowing the user to create zones for detecting movement patterns, location, etc. You can activate one of the AI detections to get precise reports and analytics. Once you select one of the AI functions and select its schedule, A.I. Detection will trigger recording, email, or push notifications in addition to video recording in a unique color and tag.

  • Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID)
  • Line Crossing Detection (LCD)
  • Cross Counting (CC), etc
human detectiin web
vehicle detection web
IPVAULT8256R AI perimieter intrusion alarm e1679801470902
Privacy = Security

Privacy is at the heart of Camius security systems; your cameras will only be available to accounts you create, secured with passwords. Security footage is stored on your hard drive instead of cloud-based camera systems. Even while using the essential P2P method for connection, your system remains secured behind your password, and no one else has access to this connection.

Large organizations can have multiple users to operate the system based on the admin’s permissions.

NVR software

Camius security systems go beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. The free NVR software can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station. Users can monitor live video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage cameras with access to device settings. This software is excellent for multiple installations as it combines cameras connected to a Camius NVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen.

VMS AND APPS 362px x 453px min e1680475507474
Web browser compatible

You can also access Camius NVR using a web browser, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Safari, Opera

Camius DVR with browser access
Camius View

The Smartphone Security Camera App Camius View offers complete access to your cameras from any location. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android App stores and is ready to link to your security cameras. Click here for the Mobile app guide.

Camius View is the smartphone app to view & control your DVR, NVR, and IP security cameras for home and business - what is IP camera

General information:

  • Built-in power supply: AC 100~240V
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 18.1 x 3.5″ (440 x 460 x 89mm)
  • Order model:  IPVAULT8256PR (doesn’t include hard drives)


A 32 channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) from Camius supports up to 32 IP cameras simultaneously. This means you can connect and manage a large number of cameras for comprehensive surveillance coverage in various environments.

A 32 channel NVR refers to a network video recorder capable of supporting and recording footage from up to 32 IP cameras. These NVRs are ideal for large-scale surveillance systems in commercial, industrial, or residential settings, offering extensive camera connectivity and robust recording capabilities.

Connecting a 32 channel NVR is straightforward and typically involves the following steps:

  • Ensure the NVR is powered on and connected to the network.
  • Connect each IP camera to the same network as the NVR using Ethernet cables.
  • Access the NVR’s interface via a web browser or dedicated software to configure camera settings and set up recording schedules.
  • Once configured, the NVR will automatically detect and connect to the connected cameras, allowing for seamless surveillance management.
  • For more detailed guide click here

NVRs are purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with IP cameras, offering superior recording resolution, enhanced scalability, and advanced features like remote access and analytics. They are highly recommended for new surveillance systems, particularly due to the simplified network wiring compared to coaxial setups requiring separate power sources.

However, for existing analog CCTV camera systems with coaxial wiring, Camius suggests considering hybrid DVR camera systems. These systems allow you to leverage your current coaxial cables and power sources while upgrading your DVR digital video recorder to a future-proof Camius model. This upgrade opens the door to transitioning from low-resolution analog cameras to high-definition 4K Camius cameras and even incorporating IP cameras into the same setup, ensuring flexibility and longevity.

Learn more about Camius hybrid DVR camera systems to optimize your surveillance infrastructure.

NVRs are often considered superior for their versatility, performance, and integration capabilities in contemporary security setups. However, Camius revolutionized this category by introducing hybrid DVR recorders that are future-proof with increased bandwidth and versatile features that match NVR camera systems.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 in


Recorder Type

NVR for IP cameras

Number of Channels

32 Channels

Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Recorder Total Bandwidth


Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder eSATA Port


Recorder Storage Capacity

14TB on each Internal and external SATA hard drive

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Video Output

HDMI1 for a primary monitor, HDMI2 for a secondary monitor, VGA

Recorder HDMI Cable


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Recorder Email Alerts


Recorder Ethernet Port

1 x WAN , 1 x LAN (RJ45 100/1000 Base-T)

Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder Mouse


Recorder Power

AC input: 100-240V ~ / 3.3A (Max) 50/60Hz / output: 3.3V/10A, 5V/15A, 12V/15A, 5V-VSB/2A / Max. consumption: 250W

Recorder PTZ RS485 Port


Recorder Video Compression

H.264, H.265, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG

Recorder Wired Alarm I/O

16 inputs, 4 outputs

Recorder Wired Audio I/O

1 in / 1 out

PC Software


Mac Software


Android App

Camius View

iOS App

Camius View

Browser Access


Smartphone Push Notifications


Recorder Display Split View

1 to 32

Recorder ONVIF Compliant