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Camius PoE camera systems are optimized for Camius NVRs

How the PoE camera system works

Power over Ethernet (PoE for short) is a way to power cameras with an Ethernet cable, giving the camera straightforward network access. Besides delivering steady network connections, PoE also makes setup easier by simply needing a single cable. The ethernet cord provides power, Video, Audio streams, Infrared, and bidirectional commands and alerts.

PoE works using a single ethernet cable (Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6) for power and network connections.

PoE cameras get the power, video, and audio sent over the Ethernet cable.

Camius best PoE camera systems

Network connectivity is essential to surveillance systems if you’re saving video files on an NVR or using the newer cloud storage. Unlike wireless connections, PoE ensures your IP cameras are always connected. In addition, it means your camera will reliably be able to send video files to your NVR network video recorder, and direct connections can be faster than cordless or WiFI connections.

Using Power Over Ethernet with IP cameras and NVRs helps centralize power for the entire security system making it more reliable.

Cable distance can be up to 328ft, and cable type can be CAT5. Best PoE camera systems.

IPVAULT1128PR with SPOT828A R hdmi

Hardwired PoE cameras deliver the most satisfactory picture quality of all the cameras 

The wired PoE cameras offer a better picture because the Ethernet supports higher bandwidth than a wireless (WiFi) connection. So if you require a genuinely high-resolution camera that lets you zoom optically and digitally to capture facial characteristics, license plates, or any other fine details from a far distance, wired PoE cameras would be your choice.

Do you use the Internet to operate your Camius PoE NVR security system?

Camius PoE cameras and NVR Recorders do work without the Internet. The only feature you’d miss running the system offline is remote access to your system if you are away or, e.g., backing up footage (pictures, video files) to the Cloud of your choice(Dropbox or Google Drives, depending on if it is an IP PoE camera or a network video recorder). Instead, it would help if you used an Ethernet cable to connect your PoE camera to your computer.

How Camius NVR Camera System can help you

PoE cameras’ installation process is more straightforward by requiring only one cable. It gives you more flexibility in camera placement, averts expensive electrical work to move or install a power outlet near the camera.

PoE cameras are available in every shape and capability, including:

Businesses utilize PoE cameras to:

  • Monitor commercial industrial sites (warehouses, car parks, commercial storage, construction areas, etc.)
  • Analyze shopping patterns, manage wait times, and prevent theft in retail shops
  • Keep an eye on your business, home, rental, apartment complex

Is PoE more reliable than Wireless transmission

IP camera system based on PoE is much easier to manage. In addition, centralized power solutions become available by using an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS for shorter.

PoE camera system for home security and businesses

You can use Camius PoE camera systems globally to monitor commercial and industrial locations, including and not limited to construction sites, warehouses, retail stores, banks, and offices. Easy plug-n-play setup and professional customer-oriented technical support made Camius one of the best PoE security camera systems for homes and installed in apartment complexes, private premises, and rental houses.

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Smart Alerts

Camius PoE security system detects moving objects, or even sounds and triggers alerts when danger occurs. In addition, a prompt email or push notification will be sent to your smart handheld device immediately, allowing for quick action when trouble arises. Businesses often use the NVR recorder’s buzzer (internal sound) or enable showing a message on the screen when detection is triggered.

Data & Privacy Security

Camius Systems utilize the SRP V6.0 technology (Secure Remote Password) to establish remote connections with users’ apps and software. User data isn’t part of this exchange. Any transmitted data is encrypted and protected on the hardware level.

24/7 Surveillance Recording

With a pre-installed hard drive, the Camius PoE surveillance NVR camera kit supports all cameras to record continuously at the same time without any subscription fees. You keep your footage on your own recorder’s local disk. So you will have all-day videos without missing a beat. In addition, you can enable recording triggered with detection and upload footage to your Cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive)

Camius Remote Access

You can access your Camius Security Systems using the Camius VMS software, browser, and mobile app. In addition, you can access footage via your smartphone app CAMIUS VIEW (IOS/Android), or computer (Windows/Mac). Watch live audio-video streams access playback instantly in fluent or clear mode.

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