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Free Security Cameras & NVR Software

Camius security systems go beyond the HDMI monitor and smartphone app. You can monitor live HD video and audio streams in addition to playback and manage your surveillance cameras with access to device settings.

This program turns your PC or Mac into a surveillance station, VMS stands for Video Management System, with it you can:

  • Group all of your Camius devices and view them, even from a remote location
  • Access Device Configuration and change settings
  • Record locally onto a disk attached to your computer
  • Playback video and audio, locally and remotely.

Video Player Software

This lightweight software is used for playing video/audio files backed up from your recorder on your PC or Mac. The user has the option to back up footage from the recorder in MP4 or Camius proprietary format. Using Video Player the user can take clear screenshots, trim the important parts of the video file and play multiple files simultaneously.

Camius VMS NVR software

This software is excellent for multiple installations as it can combine security cameras connected to a Camius DVR or NVR and individual Camius cameras on one screen.

The software can display Up to 128 cameras on the same screen and manage multiple devices from different locations. You get the best free NVR Software for Windows and Mac with any Camius NVR network video recorder,, including a hybrid DVR digital video recorder, and even Camius IP camera.

The same software is available with the Camius IP camera (power over ethernet cameras)

NVR Software for Windows and Mac

Click here to download Camius VMS Software

Camius offers an advanced strater 4K PoE NVR kit with 2 (two) 4K security cameras and an 8 channel NVR network video recorder that comes with pre-installed hard drive, ready to record out of the box. Click here for more details. You can scale this NVR system by adding more IP cameras.

2 4K Outdoor PoE Camera System with 2 Way Audio, Siren, Lights, 8CH NVR, 3TB HDD

One more NVR system with only 6 outdoor cameras and with ready-to-record storage is a great comepet surveillance systems and, also can be scaled when a user wants to add more cameras to the system.

Selecting Cameras for Business and Home Security

One of the important criteria while selecting surveillance systems with analog or IP cameras for business would be a full fledge software which allows you to manage multiple systems from one place. Camius software can turn any desktop, laptop, PC, or Mac into a 24/7 surveillance station.

Camius offers various security camera system solutions:

Camius VMS for a Digital Video Recorder

The latest Camius TRIVAULT4K184R which works with analog cameras of various kinds like CVI, TVI, AHD, or CVBS, in addition to IP cameras too. Audio processing and Intelligent Detection are also supported as remote app access and management. As any other Camius recorder, hybrid DVRs also feature VMS software to control your analog and IP cameras

Click here for Camius TRIVAULT4K184R (without a hard drive) details

4K 8 Channel Security DVR recorder with 4TB HDD, Analog 8CH BNC+4CH IP - TRiVault4K184R

12 Channel Hybrid DVR recorder with 3TB HDD (Hard Drive Disk)

Click here if you are looking for a digital video recorder with pre-installed storage, ready to record out of the box. The bonus is that it comes not with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive, which is not enough for 4K video processing but 3TB ( three terabytes).

TRIVault184R 3TB HDD e1648417894950

4K 8 Channel DVR with 4TB Hard Drive

Finally, we also offer an option with a 4TB HDD. It is one of the best Business and Home Security DVRs, which can quickly turn into an IP NVR (network video recorder) due to its compatibility with 4K IP cameras. Here, you can find more details about TRIVAULT4K184R with a 4TB hard drive.

Camius 8 channel DVR is compatible with all Camius PoE cameras, including 2K and 4K cameras with lights, siren, audio.

TRIVault184R 4TB HDD e1648417946804

Smartphone Apps with any Camius IP camera, NVR, DVR camera system

Monitor your system remotely from anywhere globally using a built-in P2P (peer-to-peer) service or static IP / DDNS with port forwarding. View and control your Camius system with a free video management software designed for PC and Mac users and the Camius View phone app for iOS and Android devices