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Best 4K Security Camera System

Any 4K Security camera system from Camius feature 4K resolution and 4K HDMI Output.


Camius PoE IP cameras capture video in 4K, allowing a wider lens while maintaining a high level of detail.

4K UHD is recommended for vehicle license plates or face capturing requirements, and an increase in bitrate to 16Mbps means there’s enough bandwidth for 8 million pixels.


Along with the Best 4K Security Camera System kits, Camius offers 4, 8, 10, 12, and 16 camera systems.

Camius PoE 2K and 4K security camera system bundles come with 8 and 16 channel POE NVRs (network video recorder).


Do you need any additional features with your business security cameras besides camera monitoring? Camius PoE Spotlight Security Camera offers broad features:

  • 2-way audio capabilities, motion sensors, built-in microphone, speaker and even siren options, motion-activated bright spotlights
  • wide-angle lens for better coverage
  • color-based night vision
  • intrusion detection based on perimeter guidelines
  • weatherproofing

In addition, Quad HD 2K outdoor security cameras offer a detailed view of motion and sound detection.


As a (ten) 10 camera security system, we’d recommend considering the following 4K security camera system with 5 4K floodlight 2 way audio security cameras and 5 2K PoE outdoor cameras.

10 PoE Business Security Cameras with 4K 16 Channel NVR, 4TB HDD 4k security camera system