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How do IP cameras work?

How do IP cameras work?

Camius IP cameras capture video images and audio and, using the latest compression standards, transmit those files over the network. Suppose it is a standalone wired IP camera, then you’d require to connect it with an ethernet cable to your network modem or a router. If it is a WiFi IP camera, then it connects to a network over WiFi. Camius PoE IP camera installed with a Camius PoE NVR – 8 or 16 channel – is one of the best and easiest setups that don’t require a complicated network configuration. Camius PoE NVR automatically assigns an IP address to the IP camera.

IP cameras setup

Setting up a Camius IP Camera is quite simple. Camius device tool helps you find your IP camera, NVR, DVR connected to your local network. You can configure it using Camius IP camera web viewer.  

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