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How to set the Date and Time on your Security DVR or NVR Recorder

If you set Date and Time on your new DVR or NVR, go through Startup Wizard >> Date and Time.

Synchronizing your recorder’s internal clock with your local Date & Time is essential; here are the steps:

1- Set your local time zone relative to GMT, for example, with Daylight Saving On:

  • {PST Pacific: GMT-7} {MST Mountain: GMT-6}
  • {CST Central: GMT-5} {EST Eastern: GMT-4}

2- Set the date, time, and formats manually.

3- We recommend enabling NTP (Network Time Protocol), which synchronizes date & time over the Internet. Click the checkbox, choose one of the servers, and click Update Now.

4- Enable DST for Daylight Saving Time. Once done, click Next.

Wizard Date and Time
Start Wizard view

To change Date and Time in the NVR’s menu, navigate to System >> General >> Date and Time. 

Once you set the correct time on your NVR, click Apply to save settings

IPVAULT8256R general date and time