How to set the Date and Time on your Security DVR or NVR Recorder

Setting the correct date and time on your Camius DVR and NVR camera systems is crucial for accurate video recording and playback. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting the date and time on your Camius surveillance system, ensuring that all your footage is properly timestamped.

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Setting up Date and Time using the Camius Startup Wizard

If you have just received your new Camius DVR or NVR and need to set the date and time, follow these steps during the initial setup process:

  • Startup Wizard: Begin by accessing the Startup Wizard on your recorder. Look for the option labeled “Date and Time” and select it.
  • Setting the Time Zone: It is important to set your local time zone accurately. Choose the time zone that corresponds to your location in relation to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). For example, if you are in the Pacific Time Zone with Daylight Saving Time on, select “PST Pacific: GMT-8.” Similarly, choose the appropriate time zone for other regions such as Mountain, Central, or Eastern.
  • Manual Date and Time Configuration: Proceed to manually set the date, time, and preferred formats. Enter the current date and time using the provided on-screen keyboard or numeric keypad. Ensure that you follow the specified format for entering the date and time information.
  • NTP Server Synchronization: It is recommended to enable the Network Time Protocol (NTP) feature, which allows your recorder to synchronize its date and time with an NTP server over the internet. To enable NTP, click on the checkbox provided and choose one of the available NTP servers. Once selected, click on the “Update Now” button to initiate the synchronization process.
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST): If applicable in your region, enable the DST option to account for Daylight Saving Time changes. Once enabled, click “Next” to proceed.

By following these steps during the initial setup, you can ensure that your new Camius DVR or NVR is properly configured with the correct date and time. This will ensure accurate timestamps on your surveillance footage and enhance the effectiveness of your security system.

Startup wizard date and time 70kb


Adjusting the Date and Time Settings after the Setup Wizard

Step 1: Accessing the DVR, NVR Menu 

To begin, power on your Camius DVR or NVR and connect it to a monitor or TV using the provided HDMI or VGA cable. Also you can access it using a web browser  (follow this guide on how to access your DVR, NVR’s web browser viewer). Once the system is up and running, navigate to System >> General >> Date and Time.

The following screenshot is based on the Camius web browser menu.

How to Set the Correct Date and Time in Camius DVR and NVR Camera Systems

Step 2: Time Zone Selection

The first setting you will encounter is the Time Zone selection. Choose the appropriate time zone from the provided list. Ensure that you select the correct time zone to accurately reflect your location.

Camius DVR NVR date and time settings time zone

Step 4: Manual or Automatic Time Configuration

Camius DVR and NVR camera systems offer two options for setting the date and time: Static (when you want to opt for manual configuration) or NTP server synchronization (which is automatic synchronization with an Network Time Protocol server). Let’s explore both options:

a) Static: If you prefer to manually set the date and time, disable the automatic time synchronization option (if enabled). Then, enter the correct date and time using the on-screen keyboard or numeric keypad, following the format specified by your system.

b) NTP server synchronization: To automatically synchronize the date and time with an NTP server, enable the automatic time synchronization option. Your Camius system will connect to an NTP server via the internet and retrieve the accurate date and time information.

Step 5: Saving the Changes

After adjusting the date and time settings, proceed to save the changes made. Look for a “Save” button on the screen, then click on it to save the new settings. Your Camius DVR or NVR system will now display the correct date and time.


Accurate date and time settings are essential for maintaining the integrity of your surveillance footage. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Camius DVR or NVR camera system is accurately timestamping your videos. Whether you choose manual configuration or automatic synchronization, setting the correct date and time will enhance the effectiveness of your security system.