Quick Guide to Setting Up Motion Detection on Camus 4K Wireless Security Camera Systems For Business And Home

Step-by-Step Instructions

1- Access Motion Detection Settings:

Navigate to the camera settings menu and select “Motion Detection.”

NVR alarm motion PIR and person

2- Choose Motion Detection Mode:

You have two options for motion detection:

  • PIR and Person:
    Adjust the Distance setting to determine how far the camera will detect a person.

Camius WF4KN Alarm Motion PIR and Person

  • PIR and Motion:
    Adjust the Sensitivity level to control how sensitive the camera is to any motion.

Camius WF4KN Alarm Motion PIR and Motion Sensititivity

3- Set Up Detection Area:

  • You can select whole area to be your detection area or define the specific area you want to monitor for motion.
  • Draw Detection Area:
    • Click and drag on the screen to draw a shape that covers the desired detection area.

Camius WF4KN Alarm Motion PIR and Person

Camius WF4KN Alarm Motion PIR and Motion Sensititivity All area

4- Save Settings:

  • After configuring your preferred alarm detection settings and drawing your detection area, ensure you save the settings to activate motion detection.

5- Configure Alarm Schedule:

Set up a schedule for when you want the motion detection to be active.
Navigate to the “Alarm Schedule” section and select the times and days you need the detection to be operational.

Camius WF4KN Alarm Schedule

Additional Support

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact our support team.
By following these steps, you’ll be able to effectively set up and customize motion detection on your Camus 4K wireless security cameras.