CAMIUS Super HD 2K Dome Camera System with 16 Channel NVR, 4TB HDD
Super HD 16 Dome Camera System with 16 Channel NVR, 4TB HDD
$1,899.00 Original price was: $1,899.00.$1,399.00Current price is: $1,399.00. Preorder Now!

Super HD 16 Dome Camera System with 16 Channel NVR, 4TB HDD

Original price was: $1,899.00.Current price is: $1,399.00.


Camius 4K 16 Dome Camera System provides super HD 2K video and audio, smart motion, sound, human & vehicle, cross-counting, line-crossing detection, and more. A professional network video recorder offers a high 256 Mbps bandwidth and highly customizable audio and video settings, recording schedules, alarms, backup to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and much more, making it one of the best security camera systems for businesses. This advanced NVR surveillance system also supports two high-capacity internal hard drives (up to 14TB) and external storage to record footage for weeks or months. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and recording, you can access your system through PC and Mac-compatible NVR software, Camius View iOS and Android apps, and even a web browser.

What’s in the box:

  • (1) 16 Channel NVR with a pre-installed hard drive 4TB (IPVAULT2256PR 4TB HDD)
  • (16) 5MP PoE Dome Cameras (IRIS528R)
  • NVR’s power cord, USB mouse, HDMI cable, Network Cable, and Installation Guide
  • Note: This bundle includes one 4TB hard drive. It is sold without any cables, which can be ordered at additional cost. 

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The Camius 16 Dome Camera System provides high-definition 2K video and audio, featuring Intelligent Mode sound detection, AI-based Face, Human & Vehicle Detection, Line Crossing, Perimeter Intrusion, and Cross Counting Detection. Accompanied by a 16 Channel NVR with ample recording bandwidth, it effectively meets business owners’ security needs.


Camius NVR network video recorders

Plug-N-Play PoE cameras system

The 16 Channel NVR has a 16-port built-in power-over-ethernet interface, making the surveillance camera installation easy and fast. In addition, the network video recorder assigns a unique IP address to Camius IP cameras. As a result, users do not require a complicated camera configuration.

Camius 16 channel NVR PoE camera connection diagramm

Experience hassle-free setup with the Power-over-Ethernet NVR and Dome Cameras

The 16-channel NVR Recorder features a built-in switch, ensuring effortless installation, as it automatically assigns unique IP addresses to the cameras, eliminating the need for complex IP configuration.

IRIS528R features e1681449411921

Ample bandwidth and advanced video/audio compression are featured

The NVR operates at a 256 Mbps bitrate, enabling Ultra HD live viewing and playback. Camius systems utilize both H.264 and the latest H.265 compression, reducing storage usage by up to 50% and enhancing bandwidth efficiency for optimal utilization of your 16 Channel 4K security NVR and internal hard drive storage.256


Enterprise Camera System Featuring 3 Video Outputs

The Camius 16 Channel NVR (network video recorder) is equipped with three video outputs, allowing the addition of a monitor or TV for live viewing purposes:

  • HDMI (HDMI2) output is designed for the primary monitor, supporting 4K video (3840×2160).
  • HDMI (HDMI2) video output for a secondary monitor with customizable 1080P display resolution.
  • VGA output



Camius HDTV screen 1000 1000

Choose an output resolution that matches your monitor. The NVR should adjust the output resolution automatically to match the best resolution of your monitor at the system startup.  Follow the guide on how to adjust the monitor’s resolution.

3 sata hard drives 1000 1000

The network video recorder accommodates two internal SATA hard drives, each with up to 14 Terabytes of capacity, and features an external eSata port for added storage. The system saves content to FTP or Cloud storage while utilizing internal technology for ongoing hard drive health monitoring, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable intelligent security camera setup. Use the provided guide when adding a new hard drive to the NVR.

When you install another hard drive in your NVR, follow this guide

IPVAULT2320P16N HARD DRIVES 970 600 e1637099033565
5MP Video Resolution

Capture and record super HD 5MP video resolution with these Dome PoE cameras, providing over 2.5 times the pixels of an HD 1080p camera, resulting in enhanced picture details even when zooming in.

How to troubleshoot IP camera, which goes on and off

Enhanced Night Vision

The 5MP PoE Security Camera System features color night vision in ambient light, adapting to low-light conditions to distinguish colors on subjects while providing black-and-white imagery in complete darkness with an infrared distance of 30 to 100 feet.

camius ip camera color night vision 970 600 e1645249731915

Security camera with Audio (Listen-in)

IPVAULT2256PR encoding audio 6 cameras e1679809111815

Camius’ dome security cameras with audio recording enable real-time audio monitoring and provide the option to toggle the camera’s audio function, featuring Sound Detection that captures and alerts users to abrupt loud noises in Intelligent mode.


Customizable Image Control and Wide Viewing Capability

Camius 2K dome cameras offer extensive image customization directly through the NVR, allowing adjustment of IR settings, camera view angles, and additional features such as Corridor mode and WDR. The cameras also provide a broad 110-degree view to minimize blind spots.

IPVAULT2320P16N IRIS528R image control copy e1661561990325
NVR Alarm Settings

Activate a range of alerts such as buzzer sounds, email notifications, push alerts via the CAMIUS VIEW app, recording, pre-recording, and Cloud image uploads (via Dropbox or Google Drive) through the NVR.

IPVAULT2256PR alarms schedule

NVR Alarm Settings

Activate a range of alerts such as buzzer sounds, email notifications, push alerts via the CAMIUS VIEW app, recording, pre-recording, and Cloud image uploads (via Dropbox or Google Drive) through the NVR.

Customizable Alert Options for Comprehensive Monitoring:

Choose from a range of events for notifications, including Motion Detection, Intelligent Sound Detection, and AI-based detection features like Human and vehicle Detection, Cross Counting, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, and Line Crossing; additionally, receive alerts for Hard Drive Disk Errors, Low Disk Space, and Video Loss.

Smart Motion Detection

Keep an eye on your home and business using Camius NVR’s motion detection feature, which can be customized to focus on pedestrians, vehicles, or both, but remember to enable recording and alarms manually

Smart Business Security Cameras: Detecting Sounds and Alerts

Camius 2K dome cameras offer Sound detection in Intelligent mode, which activates upon detecting sudden loud noises near the camera, sending alerts and recordings. To enable Sound detection, simply check the switch box under ‘Intelligent’ and set up corresponding alarms.


Best Security Cameras for Businesses with AI Detection

Camius introduces its latest 2K dome cameras featuring cutting-edge AI analysis for enhanced detection capabilities. These cameras allow for zone customization to identify movement patterns and locations, offering detailed reports and triggering recordings, emails, and notifications. The AI Detection features include Human & Vehicle Detection (PD & VD), Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID), Line Crossing Detection (LCD), Cross Counting (CC), and more in the Beta version.

Easily monitor live video, audio, playback, and camera settings from multiple installations, combining both Camius DVR/NVR-connected cameras and individual Camius cameras, all on one screen, supporting up to 128 cameras across different locations

Accessible on both iOS and Android, this mobile app lets you conveniently link, view, playback, and manage your Camius security cameras, allowing audio monitoring, remote control, event downloads, and sharing capabilities. 

Access, view and manage your Camius security system using a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

  • 16 Channel NVR with a pre-installed hard drive 4TB (IPVAULT2256PR 4TB HDD)
  • 16 x 5MP PoE Dome Camera (IRIS528R)
  • USB mouse, Remote controller, Installation Guide, Tech support info
  • Note: this bundle is sold without cables

Click here to check compatible cables and hard drives that can be added to the system. 

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 14 in
Security System Bundle


Recorder Type

NVR for IP cameras

Number of Channels

16 channels

Pre-Installed Storage


Recorder Internal SATA Ports


Recorder eSATA Port


Recorder Storage Capacity

30TB: 2 x Internal SATA (max. capacity 10TB each), e-SATA (max. capacity 10TB)

Recorder Total Bandwidth


Bundled Camera Number


Bundled Camera Type


Recorder Built-in PoE Ports


Camera Resolution

2K 2880×1620 with 30 fps

Camera Built-in Microphone


Camera Reset

On-Camera Reset Button

Camera Lens

2.8mm (110 degrees wide view)

Camera Power over Ethernet


Camera Video Analysis


Recorder Video Output

HDMI1 for a primary monitor, HDMI2 for a secondary monitor, VGA

Recorder HDMI Cable


iOS App

Camius View

Android App

Camius View

PC Software


Mac Software


Browser Access


Recorder Display Split View

4 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 10-1 / 13 / 13-1 / 14

Recorder Email Alerts


Recorder Video Analysis


Recorder SMART HDD Check


Recorder Video Compression

H.264, H.265, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG

Smartphone Push Notifications


Recorder Cloud Storage

Dropbox or Google Drive

Cables Included