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Best night vision security cameras by Camius

Best Night Vision Security Cameras

Color Night Vision Security Camera Systems

The significance of installing a security camera to keep an eye on your home or business during the night can’t be an exaggeration. Camus’s latest color night vision security cameras are a new dimension to nighttime security monitoring with Color Night Vision.

Full Color Night Vision Cameras

Color Night Vision security cameras from Camius offer this view mode in ambient light conditions. In addition, 4K spotlight cameras produce evident color night vision. The camera automatically adjusts the displayed stream to include color on a video at night.

This allows the user to distinguish colors on a subject, like a red vehicle or a blue shirt.

Even the moon or starlight is enough to keep the camera in Color Night Mode.

More Clear and Precise Picture

Color provides additional optical details that may help recognize people or objects.

Amazing Contrast

A broad spectrum of colors offers additional contrast for more effortless detection and recognition.

Best Color Night Vision Security Cameras

Spotlight / Floodlight Security Cameras by Camius offer color night vision with 4K video quality and audio.

The following night vision camera system by Camius includes spotlight 4K security cameras and 2K outdoor security cameras expandable to 16 camera security system