Considering a cloud IP camera? Read this first


Bloomberg published an article describing how cloud IP camera footage is being watched by employees; and the fact that the user’s privacy setting that allows for analysis was ignored by large AI companies that make said cameras

Here’s the link to this article

Camius stands against breaches like this, we believe that only the property owner should have access to their footage as this is the most fundamental privacy setting.

That said, Camius NVRs and DVRs now include an option to activate Dropbox or Google Drive cloud backup which is highly configurable with a channel selector and a schedule.

If at any point it’s been found that Dropbox or Google are accessing your files then we want to go on record and discourage the use of this cloud feature.

Cloud computing paved the way for convenience, users rely on their internet connection to upload their data and then download or sync it to access said data on-demand, while we’re not against progress in the cloud computing field buyers should be aware that these services will charge you a premium to access their own data and these premiums will add up and inflate the cost of ownership for security astronomically.

Camius security systems on the other hand offer its customers the most cost-effective method of ownership of their hardware, software, and footage and we think things should stay this way when it comes to sensitive data.

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