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The deterrence function works with Spotlight IP cameras, which have deterrent capabilities such as a siren and a strobe or warning light. Seelect the ‘Light‘ and ‘Siren‘ checkboxes and asjuts the duration.

IPvault1128PR deterrence
How to set up deterrence on my NVR? 7

Click the Setup icon in the 2nd column to configure the IP camera’s deterrent functions.

Deterrence Area:

The whole screen is marked for default deterrence detection (red blocks). If you want to disable the deterrence detection on a specific area, click the grid cursor and drag the mouse to highlight the scope to unmark the area into transparent blocks. After you complete the setting, click the right button of your mouse to return click Save to make the area setup effective.

TRiVault4K184R and Spot828AR Deterrence area setup
How to set up deterrence on my NVR? 8

Set Detterence Schedule:

Click the Schedule Setup icon in the 3rd column to configure the deterrence schedule

Note: when the time slot is marked light blue, the channel triggers a deterrence alarm for that time slot. Click Save to complete Deterence Schedule setup

TRiVault4K184R and Spot828AR Deterrence Schedule
How to set up deterrence on my NVR? 9