Enabling Person Detection Camera Push Notifications in the Camius View App 

Enhance your security with the Camius 4K wireless security camera system, crafted for comprehensive surveillance in both home and business settings. These cameras offer ultra-clear 4K resolution and advanced person detection capabilities. Using Camius’ user-friendly mobile app, you receive real-time push notifications whenever a person is detected, keeping you informed of crucial events no matter your location. This wire free security camera system blends high-definition video clarity with intelligent motion detection, making it an excellent choice for reliable and proactive security solutions.

To enable push notifications with Person Detection:

  1. Enable Person (Pedestrian) Detection in the Camius Wire Free Security Camera System

Navigate to Alarm >> Motion in the settings.

  • Option 1 – Enable PIR and Person detection (this is applicable to the software version prior to V8.2.4-20240220 and WF4KC cameras). Select all areas for detection or draw the desired area and save the settings. For detailed guide on how to enable motion detection visit this Camius guide with step by step instructions

Setup Motion Detection on Camius 4K Wireless Security Cameras

  • Option 2 – Enable Pedestrian Detection (this is applicable to the latest software version V8.2.4-20240220 and WF4KC2 wireless cameras)

You can adjust the Distance and Detection for the best results

WF4KN motion detection pedestrian greed area setup

WF4KN motion detection pedestrian greed area setup selected

  1. Check Alarm Schedule

    • Ensure that Push is selected and set the appropriate time frame.

Camius WF4KN Alarm Schedule

  1. Grant App Permissions
    • Make sure you have given the Camius View app permission to receive notifications in your phone’s settings.

In the Camius View app:

  1. Navigate to Push Notifications
    • Tap on Push Notification.
    • Click on the gear icon which takes you to Push Setup.

Camius View 4k wireless security cameras with push notifications

  1. Enable NVR Push:
    • Toggle the NVR switch to turn it on (it turns blue once enabled). You can change the name in the Camius View app by navigating to Configuration >> System >> General >> Device Name >> save Icon tab in the top corner of the app.
    • Click on the gear icon next to the toggle.

Screenshot 20240518 140843

  1. Subscribe to Notifications:
    • This takes you to the ‘Subscribe’ page where you can select the type of notification you wish to receive for each camera.

Camius view wireless subscribe

  1. Enable Motion & Person Detection Camera Push Notifications:
    • Make sure to check the checkbox for Motion & Person detection for the cameras from which you wish to receive notifications. You can enable notifications for each camera individually.
    • Save the settings.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, test to ensure everything is working correctly.

You should start receiving Push Notifications, which will appear under Push Notifications >> AI. 

Screenshot 20240518 141300