How to troubleshoot if my DVR is not powering on?

If you’re having trouble with your DVR not powering on, here are some recommended troubleshooting steps:

Step 1 – Check the LEDs on the front panel, a steady green LED (PWR) means your DVR is powered on normally, and a blinking red LED (HDD) means ongoing recording on the hard drive. 

8 channel DVR

16 channel DVR

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Step 2 – Check the sounds coming out of your recorder. A faint fan sound and a faint hard drive sound are normal, and a click sound when you plug in the DC connector and turn on the switch is typical.

Step 3 – If you have the green LED on but no output on the monitor, follow these steps:

  • Replace your monitor/TV with another (newer preferred) monitor, and change the HDMI cable.
  • Remove the hard drive (while the DVR is powered off)
  • Disconnect all wires except the power, HDMI, and mouse, and then power-cycle the recorder.
  • Once your recorder starts normally, plug your cameras back in.
  • If one of the camera cables resulted in powering down the recorder, unplug it and check the power supply on the camera in question.

Step 4 – Check the power outlet and the power supply unit of the DVR. If the power supply doesn’t have any LED indicator or the LED light is very faint and not bright green, and there is no fan sound coming from the DVR, the power supply may need replacement. If your DVR has running hardware warranty, please contact us. If the DVR is covered with warranty, you can order a new power supply on Camius site.

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